Best iPhone Apps of 2014

Whether you’re still using your old iPhone 4 or 4s or you’ve upgraded to the brand new iPhone 6, you need apps. Without them, the iPhone is simply an expensive tool to call your mom and dad. Let’s take a look at a list of the most popular and best iPhone apps of this year.

best iphone apps

Best Photo App – VSCO Cam

Undoubtedly, the best iPhone camera app is VSCO Cam. You will be surprised at the photos your camera takes with this app; it has great editing options and also some cool filters. When it comes to smartphone photography, it’s the only app to have! The best thing about it is that it’s completely free.

Best Workout App – RunKeeper

This app is a keeper! No matter what type of workout you prefer (be it running, gold, fitness or boxing), this app will be tracking your every move, record it and analyze it. We believe that it is the best workout app at the moment!

Best Games and Dating Apps

Two of the most popular games of 2014 were Flappy Birds and 2048, both free. If you’d like a more complex game, then the paid ones are for you. We highly recommend Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

When it comes to dating, the only app you should ever get is Tinder. The best way to meet people for friendship or dating. Keep in mind that it only works with a Facebook account.

Best Weather App – AccuWeather

The best weather app for iPhone (trust us, we’ve tried them all) is AccuWeather. It’s pretty much the most accurate and the easiest to comprehend, because nobody wants to spend more than 2 minutes on a weather app, do they? In and out!

Google Apps

Whether you like Google or not, there is no way around it, so Google maps is still a must-have app. GPS and navigation is made easy with this app, and it’s free! You should know that it’s become much more stable than last year and it’s actually quite helpful.

Best News App – Circa News

Forget watching TV or listening to the car radio for news! With Circa News, you get the latest and most important news right on your smartphone. The best thing about Circa News is that it manages to break down each piece of news into bite-sized snippets, which is extremely helpful when you only have time to browse the most important headlines.

Best Texting App – WhatsApp

The best app for sending text messages, along with emoji, videos and photos is WhatsApp. It works over Wi-Fi or cellular and it’s fun and easy to use. Another popular and good texting app is the Facebook messenger one, which works only if you have a Facebook account. Twitter is still insanely popular and if you’re not on it, we suggest you give it a try.

Misc Apps That You Shouldn’t Download

Now that we’ve taken a look at some apps that you should definitely download, here are a few apps that there is no need for you to get them. There are tons of new apps for calendar, music, ringtone, email, scanner, video and other similar items. But to be honest, your iPhone is good enough without them. The iPhone calendar app is great and ringtones are so 2008!

We’re happy that Apple introduced a built-in flashlight with iOS 7 in 2013, because those iffy flashlight apps were a threat to our privacy. Think about it, why would a flashlight app want access to your contacts?

Most apps in the iTunes store are optimized for iPhone 5, but the vast majority work on older models of iPhones. What is your favorite app?

Apple iPad Air 2 Review

Apple announced their next generation iPad Air, the Apple iPad Air 2, during their October 16 keynote and made the official release date of the tablet October 22. Much was speculated about the next iPad Air and the rumors were pretty much on spot. The main rumor concerning the new Apple tablet was that it would have a finger print sensor, just like the iPhone 5s and newer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And the rumor was right, the new iPad Air 2 features a TouchID fingerprint sensor and much, much more.

We’ve waited so long to put out a review of the new iPad Air 2 because we wanted to test it for a while and give you our honest opinion, instead of just listing you the technical specifications and saying yay or nay.

The New Apple iPad Air 2 Review

apple ipad air 2

We’re going to take a look at some of the most important aspects of the new Apple iPad Air 2, such as design, interface, performance, new features and battery life and see if the new Apple iPad Air raises to the high expectations set by Apple users across the world.

Design and Interface

The Apple iPad Air 2 is just 6.1 mm thick and this really make the world of difference. You simply feel like you could hold it in your hands without tiring of it. The only thing Apple took out that we feel that they shouldn’t have is the silencing button, which had to go because of the iPad’s small size. We believe a silencing switch is very important on any smartphone/tablet.

As for the interface, iOS 8 had some major bumps that Apple managed to smooth over with the fast introduction of iOS 8.1. Overall, iOS 8.1 is a good operating system that works great with the Apple iPad Air 2.


The Apple iPad Air 2 performs splendidly because of its impressive tech specs! It runs smoothly and we felt absolutely no bumps in the month we have been using it. Did you know that this tablet is the first iOS device to have more than 1 GB of RAM? With 2 GB of RAM the iPad Air is quick and smart. The most important piece of technology that makes the Air 2 the gem that it is, is the processor, the new Apple A8X GPU, which allows you to run the newest games on the market, without a hitch. If the Apple iPad Air 2 only had that processor, things wouldn’t have been so amazing, but it also has an Apple M8 motion co-processor that deals with everything motion related, which means that the main processor has more space to do its job and not get distracted. There is absolutely no lag with the Air 2!

Battery Life

There is no huge difference when it comes to iPad Air 1 vs the iPad Air 2. To be honest, Apple could have done a little better in the battery department. They did manage to make it a bit smaller, while still giving us 10 hours of battery life. We hope the iPad Air 3 gives us even longer battery life and also wireless charging. Wouldn’t wireless charging be just perfect?!

New Features

As mentioned earlier, the Apple iPad Air 2 is the first generation of Apple tablets to feature the TouchID fingerprint sensor. While we have tried Apple Pay with our iPhones and we’re deeply impressed, we haven’t tried it on the iPad Air 2 and to be honest we don’t think we’ll be trying it. It’s a bit weird to take out your tablet at the cash register, don’t you think?

Another very impressive new feature is the improved 8 MP camera wit 10 fps burst mode and slow motion video (120 fps). Although we continue to believe that taking photos with a tablet computer is strange looking, this camera is good enough to make us look past that.

Apple has also amped up the Gigs on this one and you’ve got an iPad Air 2 that gives you 128 GB of internal storage, which is utterly amazing.

Lure of Mac Verdict

The Apple iPad Air 2 is a magnificent device with a measurable price. We cannot recommend it enough and honestly believe that if you want a tablet, save up your money and get the Apple iPad Air 2, it’s worth it!

With the Holiday season in full speed, you’re bound to find some great prices on iPads, so hurry up!

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