IPhone 7 Concept – All the Rumored Features

The iPhone 7 concept has fueled a host of speculations. We are all looking for the next best thing, the rumors are flowing at a rapid pace, and the bloggers concerned with gadgets have already laid out several designs for how the latest iPhone might look and work. The only certainty that is upon us is the release date, and even the date is not all that clear, with fall 2016 seeming a bit vague. For highlights of the speculation, however, read below.

iPhone 7 concept

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10 Most Popular iTunes Movie Trailers

Browsing through the iTunes movie trailers definitely is a beloved activity when all others fail to garner the interest of an over the top bored human being. That gives rise to the “Most Popular” section on the iTunes Movie Trailers app. As any film buff will tell you,  a reserved sentiment of apprehension engulfs me when plunging into the compilation of the “most popular iTunes movie trailers” list.

itunes movie trailers

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Visio for Mac Alternatives

Screenshot of axure rp

There is no Visio for Mac, as most users know, even with the launch of the Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2016. The reason for this probably stems from some opaque matters of internal politics. Yet, there are several alternatives Mac users can explore in … [Continue reading]

Tiptop VR Apps for iPhone

VR Apps for iPhone

VR Apps for iPhone are constantly evolving, especially with the advent of affordable gadgets like the Google Cardboard, even though the case of integrating the Oculus Rift is still pending. Competition is always a welcomed idea, and the race of … [Continue reading]

What to Ask Siri – Funny and Serious

Screenshot of Siri software

Ideas on what to ask Siri, our steadfast personal assistant for over four years now, are never in short supply. Some answers never change, some not. Talk about a surrogate of a relationship. That being said, the developers at Apple go out of their … [Continue reading]

Best Financial Apps for iOS

screenshot betterment iOS app

We take a look at the best financial apps on the market, mainly because April is the month dedicated to financial literacy. While I have no idea what or who uttered the aforementioned dedication, the topic is appealing, and everyone should delve … [Continue reading]

Lync for Mac, an Imperative of Corporate Communication

Photo of program Logo

Microsoft Lync for Mac is a client aimed predominantly at corporate Mac users that mean to engage in instant messaging and voice communication, alongside video conferencing. The software operates through Microsoft’s Skype for Business Server (the old … [Continue reading]

The iPad Screen Protector – a Necessary Precaution

Image of iPad screen protector install

If you find yourself looking for an iPad screen protector, that means you have reached a new level of responsibility. It also means that you have crossed a dubious threshold in life where you need smaller gadgets for your main gadgets. But I … [Continue reading]

Task Manager Mac Version – Do We Have One?

"mac on a desk task manager mac"

There’s a big if in front of this one. The answer to whether or not we have a task manager Mac version comes down to what you actually used the Windows version of Task Manager for to begin with. It’s true that there are many possible uses to the Task … [Continue reading]

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card

"redeem itunes gift card how to redeem itunes gift card how to redeem itunes gift card on iphone"

Oh, the joy you get when you suddenly check your mail to see someone’s sent you an iTunes gift card! Wondering how to redeem iTunes Gift Card prizes? There is no simple or short answer to that, yet once you get through this article you’ll know … [Continue reading]