VLC for Mac Features that Stand Out

We’ll admit it: we all have VLC for Mac installed on our computers, be they Macs or anything else. It simply is better than any other player you can find out there. It’s sleek, but simple, it’s neat and it works far better than its rivals (*hint hint* BS Player). But because it’s so simple in its design, many of us have probably overlooked some of the most amazing features of VLC for Mac.

Thank the stars we’re here! We’re going to show you every single possible hidden feature of the VLC for Mac. Some of these features you couldn’t even dream about, let alone know they already exist. Others, however, actually promise to replace between 3 and 4 programs that you already probably have. It really goes to show just how powerful a tool the noble, basic-looking VLC media player for Mac can be. Looks can be deceiving.

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Zagg iPad Keyboard – Which Is the Best?

Always wanted to finish your next bestselling novel on your iPad? Of course! Now you have the Zagg iPad keyboard designed so you can do just that. Next thing you know, you’re on the beach, sipping a cool Pina Colada, bathing in the lukewarm sun and typing away at your next big hit! No matter what exactly it is you’re writing, you’ll be thrilled when you get your Zagg iPad Keyboard.

There are a lot of portable keyboards for iPads out there, many of which are decent alternatives to the Zagg, but there’s nothing quite like the Zagg iPad Keyboard or the Zagg iPad Mini Keyboard. We’re here to show you exactly why. The following review of the iPad Zagg keyboard will say all there is to say about all models of iPad keyboards released by the respective company (yes, there’s more than one).

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uTorrent Mac Version – Is It Any Good?

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Okay, so we already know that the uTorrent version for Windows PCs is good, but what about the uTorrent Mac version? Is it good? Does it have security issues? How about stability issues? We know that for a long time, torrent trackers on Windows PCs … [Continue reading]

Record on iPhone: Keeping Track of Your Calls

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Ever wanted a button for record on iPhone? Important phone calls often need to be recorded. And if you’re lucky to be from one of the states in which that’s not illegal, you’ll probably be doing this soon. Why soon? Well, you could, of course, do … [Continue reading]

How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail

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Ever wondered if you could sync contacts from iPhone to Gmail? Ah, the convenience of interconnectivity! We live in an age where we can’t escape it. You open up your phone and you see your Facebook friends in your contacts. You open up your computer … [Continue reading]

iPad Mini Cases – How to Find Yours

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Looking for iPad Mini cases? You’ve come to the right place. The range of iPad Mini cases that are available now on the market is simply huge. So we thought our readers could benefit from a short guide to choosing one that best fits their style. … [Continue reading]

iPhone 7 – the Almost Confirmed Rumors

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We do hope that the wait for the iPhone 7 is almost over. A lot of people may be asking ‘when does the new iPhone come out?’ We have faith that the new announcement of the iPhone 7 is just around the corner. That Apple has managed to decide on some … [Continue reading]

New MacBook Pro Release Date Rumors

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Although there are new MacBook Pro release date rumors, the long wait for the newest version of the friendly Mac is far from over. But rejoice (!), because now we’re here to tell you about it and satisfy your curiosity for (maybe) another … [Continue reading]

Wireless Earbuds for iPhone 7? Yes, Please!

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Could this be it? Are we finally going to get wireless earbuds with iPhone 7? If so, then we here at LureofMac are super excited. So much so, that we’ve decided to dedicate an entire article to talking about the concept of wireless earbuds, how they … [Continue reading]

How to Install Moviebox for iPhone

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How do you install Moviebox for iPhone? Of course, the Moviebox app for iPhone has become famous around the world for providing entertainment, movies and TV shows, at a very affordable rate (if you know what I mean). Naturally, Moviebox for iPhone … [Continue reading]