Apple Reuse & Recycling for iPads Launched on Earth Day

Earth Day came on April 22nd this year and, as one of the world’s most eco-conscious companies, Apple couldn’t have missed the opportunity for the life of it. It’s no wonder, then, for most followers of the brand, that company representatives announced the launch of the Apple Reuse & Recycling for iPads campaign on the very day. The program, which aims to promote the responsible recycling of used electronic devices (while also encouraging the purchase of current generation devices) now officially includes Apple’s celebrated, albeit pricey, tablet.


How does the Apple Reuse & Recycling for iPads work?

Basically, as of April 22nd, you can take your iPad to any Apple Retail Store that’s part of the Reuse & Recycling program. The Apple Reuse & Recycling for iPads campaign will see owners of the device get credit for the tablets they bring in. Before this piece of news came in, Apple customers could only trade their used iPhones for in-store credit and also had no opportunity to use said credit across products. Now, however, you can opt to employ the credit you receive for recycling your iPhone, in order to buy an iPad – and vice versa.

In case you were wondering, no, not all devices are eligible within the program. In order to join the Apple Reuse & Recycling for iPads campaign, your tablet needs to meet a list of criteria. There’s a similar list, which includes 22 criteria, for iPhones. Non-eligible devices include those that have had parts replaced or added, which are not made by Apple, as well as those which have been jailbroken irreversibly. Also, if Find My iPhone cannot be disabled on your device, then it’s not eligible for recycling and credit. If you think these regulations are strict, then you should know that iPads are going to be even more drastically scrutinized. Whereas Apple will take in an iPhone whose screen has been broken or cracked, not the same applies for iPads. It’s also important to bear in mind that you cannot enter current generation devices into Apple’s Reuse & Recycling program – the iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina display and iPhone 5C/5s are not eligible. Nor can you provide products that have been retired, in exchange for in-store credit, such as the iPhone 1, the iPhone 3G, or the iPad 1. It’s important to note that Apple has announced it now “responsibly recycles all its devices”. You can bring in any smartphone or tablet produced by Apple, no matter what condition it’s in, or how old it is, but bear in mind that only some are eligible for in-store credit via the program.

How much credit can you receive via Apple Reuse & Recycling for iPads?

There’s no one-size fits all answer to this question, as each device is appraised individually, according to the above-mentioned list of criteria. This checklist has not been fully disclosed to the public as of the date this article was written, so you can only find out how much credit your old iPad is worth once you take it to an Apple Retail Store. There, an Apple specialist will assess your device and provide you with a precise trade-in value, with the aid of an EasyPay POS device.

Another key issue, which also relates to how much credit you get, concerns those who choose to trade in an iPhone as well as an iPad. In such scenarios, customers can use the combined trade-in value of the two devices, in order to make a single purchase. However, you cannot bring in two of the same device, i.e. two iPhones or two iPads and use them for the same purchase within the Reuse & Recycling program.