How to Remove Duplicates in iTunes: A Short Guide

There are no if’s and but’s about it, if you own an iPhone you will need to remove duplicates in iTunes at least once in your lifetime. Up until a few iTunes versions ago, they were the reason why importing music into your iTunes was avoided as much as possible. The process is pretty straightforward […]

10 Most Popular iTunes Movie Trailers

Browsing through the iTunes movie trailers definitely is a beloved activity when all others fail to garner the interest of an over the top bored human being. That gives rise to the “Most Popular” section on the iTunes Movie Trailers app. As any film buff will tell you,  a reserved sentiment of apprehension engulfs me […]

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card

Oh, the joy you get when you suddenly check your mail to see someone’s sent you an iTunes gift card! Wondering how to redeem iTunes Gift Card prizes? There is no simple or short answer to that, yet once you get through this article you’ll know exactly what you need to do. No matter whether […]

How to Burn a CD on iTunes?

Sometimes you really think that one of your tune collections is amazing. So amazing that it deserves to be put on a CD. But how to burn a CD on iTunes? Did you even know you can do that? Well, you can and it’s super simple. All you need are a few simple tips. Luckily […]