Top 5 Best Games for Mac

We bet you just recently got delivery of your shiny, stylish looking Mac. Obviously, just like the millions of Mac users out there, you are very interested to see what games can rock on your Mac, allowing you to enjoy extraordinary game play with the processing power that a Mac’s hardware, coupled with Apple’s super-efficient OS have to offer.

Not to worry! Below is our list of the top 5 games that are specifically meant to run on the Mac.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Genre: Horror

This a mysterious game, one that will test your senses and not your reflexes. The aura of the game lies in the immense suspense that it offers. Just a word of caution though. Majority of the game play is in pretty dark conditions. If you are into the mysterious type of horror, you will find the dark fascinating and might even get addicted to it, otherwise, it just might be frustrating to deal with.

2. Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD Graphics

Genre: Space

You will love this game if you love to explore the vast, mysterious expanse that is space. The graphics are surreal and truly offer a out of word experience. Of course, besides the scenic exploration, you have to fire laser weapons, fight  enemy crafts, mother ships and carry out mission deadlines.

This is one of few games that will just not play on a Windows PC. That is how exclusive it is for the Mac community!

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3. Left 4 Dead

Genre: Zombie Horror

Feel like shooting down some zombies, maybe a lot of them, maybe hundreds as they wildly run towards you. This the game for it! You must know that this game has one of the best algorithms, in the sense that the better you get at it, the more challenging it becomes, thanks to the way zombies become nastier, smarter and stronger, when you get good at shooting them down.

Game play is never boring and you can co-op play with up to 4 people, giving you a fantastic game to collaborate with other friends who are on their Mac.

4. Minecraft

Genre: Retro/Urban Construction

One of the few retro graphic games that is still immensely popular, despite having obvious pixellated graphics. With the ultimate goal to build a magnificent Tower of Babel, you get an immense sense of satisfaction from playing this game, building a city, planning it, nurturing it into a fantastic structure that causes people to lo and behold!

The creepers of course keep things interesting, always, offering you just a tad amount of distraction that actually breaks the monotony of building, maybe inspire you with creativity and new direction when you get back to the hard work of building your fantasy urban jungle.

5. Portal 2

Genre: Sci-Fi/Puzzle/Comedy

Just the fact that this game has to be classified in three genres; sci-fi, puzzle and comedy, should tell you something. It is truly unique. Think Wall-E with a story, script and screenplay that you run, control and alter. You solve puzzles, entertain yourself with gags in the game play and also test your reflexes, all at the same time. Try this game if you truly want a game that is like no other game out there, one that makes you LOL every now and then!

Games are continually released at the Mac store and it might make sense to browse the selections of games at the Mac store, every now and then, to see what’s hot and what’s not.

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