4 Cool Kate Spade iPad Mini Case Models

Kate Spade iPad Mini cases are the best! Trendy, chic, and incredibly sweet, these iPad Mini covers are the talk of Fashion County, the fancy of the fabulous, and the stars of the iPad cases, all while keeping reasonably priced. All models are under $100. There’s just one problem: there are 4 Kate Spade iPad Mini case models and deciding which one is the best for you.

So we’re here with some advice. We’re going to review every awesome Kate Spade iPad Mini case and give our verdict as to which of the 4 we like best. We’re hoping that through this we’re going to give you an idea of the best one for you. Practicality or style? Animal print or leather? Tough decisions, tough decisions, but we’ll help you get through them, one step at a time.

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How to Remove Apps from iPhone – The Easy Way Out

Space comes at a premium on iPhones. Downloading apps, taking pictures, and recording videos can quickly eat up your storage and clutter your device. Before you know it, error messages will pop up about having no space every time you try to take a picture or download new apps.

A common solution is to remove apps from your iPhone. Many iPhone users have apps they haven’t used in some time. These apps may take updates that eat at your storage and your data. Uninstalling apps you no longer use is a great way to free up space and manage your applications. Here are a few tips and pointers on how to remove apps from iPhone.

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How to Remove Apps from iPhone

1. Tap and Delete

The simplest method of deleting apps from your iPhone is done straight from your device. Tap the home button to return to your home screen. Find the app you want to delete, then tap and hold. After a few seconds, the app will wiggle and display an X over its icon in the top left corner. Other apps on your iPhone will also start wiggling and display an X as well. Simply tap on the X, then tap ‘Delete’ when the prompt comes up.

Not every app will display an X, however. These are default apps, such as the App Store or Safari, and they cannot be deleted. Other default apps (as of iOS 10), such as Calculator or Mail, can be removed. However, removing some of these default apps will not delete the app completely. It simply removes it from the home screen. As such, do not delete any of the default apps to free up space.

Be aware that deleting an app removes all its data. If you ever need an app again, simply head to the App Store and download it again. The same applies to any system apps you may have removed (just make sure the developer is Apple).

2. Through the Settings

The second way on how to remove apps from iPhone is also the only other way to remove an app without using a computer. On iOS 11, open Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Here, a list of all the apps downloaded to your device will appear. Scroll through the list to find the app you want to remove, tap on it, then hit ‘Delete App’ to uninstall it. You can also tap on ‘Offload Unused Apps’ to quickly free up space by deleting apps you haven’t used in some time. However, any data and documents associated with the app will be saved.

If you ever need a specific amount of storage, it is a good idea to delete apps through Settings and not through the home screen. Uninstalling apps using the Settings app offers a more detailed view of your iPhone storage. The total amount of space an app and its data takes up is shown next to the name of the app.

3. Using iTunes With A Mac

The third way on how to remove apps from iPhone requires you to have iTunes 12.6 or lower. This method is a great way to quickly remove apps from your library completely or across multiple devices. If you haven’t already, open and sign into iTunes. On the left-hand panel, under Library, click on Apps. Here you will see a list of apps registered to your iTunes account or on your iPhone. Right-click on the app you wish to delete and click on ‘Delete from Library’ or hit the ‘Del’ key.

You can also organize the Apps view to make it easier to find and delete apps. Click on the View menu and select to View As List. You can also sort apps by purchase history, making it easier to find older apps you want to remove. To do this, simply click on the View Menu > Show View Options, and when the pop-up window appears, search for the Stats section and check the ‘Purchase Date’ box.

4. Updating using iTunes on a Mac

The last method on how to remove apps from iPhone also involves a computer. This method is only recommended to those that have a large number of apps and auto-update turned on. Once you have opened iTunes, go to the Updates section. A list will display all the apps in your library that have been updated, starting from the most recent. Right-click on the app you want to delete and click on ‘Delete from Library’. The next time you sync your device, the app(s) you deleted will no longer be on your iPhone.

Summing Up

These were four tips on how to remove apps from iPhone. Use these methods when you want to free up space or just uninstall apps you no longer want. Space comes at a premium on an iPhone and you should routinely make sure you have enough to keep your device running smoothly and clutter-free.

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