How to Connect Beats to Mac With No Problem!

How to Connect Beats to Mac - The Beats Solo3

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You have a brand-new Beats wireless headphone set and you realize you don't have a clue how to pair them to your Mac. The reality is Macs are a little more difficult to understand compared to Windows, but when you learn how to connect Beats to Mac, there's no going back! The beauty of a Mac and all its technical prowess built-in will become clear over time, but for now, let's get your headphones paired. If you're using a wired set of headphones, you will appreciate not having to deal with tangled wires and getting in your way!

How to Connect Beats to Mac With No Problem!

  • Charge the internal headphone battery before starting. Sometimes it may take an hour or more charge them.
  • Have your screen open. Find and click the Apple logo in the upper left of the top menu bar.
  • On the drop-down menu, select System Preferences.
  • When the new window opens, click on Bluetooth.
  • Click Turn Bluetooth On. (Note: If Bluetooth is active, select Turn Bluetooth Off first).
  • When Bluetooth turns on, it's in pairing mode and it's searching for your device.
  • Depending on the model you have, most Bluetooth devices require that you hold down the power button for five or more seconds until the LED indicator blinks.
  • When your Mac finds your headphones, the description on your screen should say either the model number or a generic description of your headphones (i.e. headphones).
  • When your headphones appear in the Bluetooth window, click on the Pair button to connect them to your Mac.
  • If, during pairing, your Mac detects new drivers for your headphones, they will download during this process. It takes less than a minute or two.
  • If you're asked to enter a Passkey, you can find the key either in the booklet with your device or on the device itself.

Start Enjoying Your New Headphones

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Now you know how to connect beats to Mac, and you can just enjoy them! Your Mac does a great job with Bluetooth devices, as you will soon learn. 

Here are some tips and advice that may help you enjoy your headphones more:


Your device may have a set of volume and tone controls for convenience. If they don't, your Mac has you covered. Your keyboard can mimic the controls of your device.

Here's the shortlist of the keyboard shortcuts:

  • F10 / F11–Adjust volume up or down
  • F8–Play or pause
  • F7 / F9–Last or next track or song

Sometimes, reaching up to the keyboard doesn't work well in each situation. Instead, use the following method to show the volume control in the top menu bar:

  • Find and click on the Apple logo in the upper left of the top menu bar
  • Select System Preferences
  • Click the Sound option
  • In the new window, click the Show Volume in the Menu Bar option
  • You can now see the sound icon in the top menu bar. Select it to adjust the volume

Setting Balance and Sound

Setting Balance and Sound

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We all have preferences with our music, and stereo balance is important, and with a few clicks you can make the change. Before we go, let's finish with setting up the stereo balance on your Mac!

  • Click on the now familiar Apple logo in the top menu bar and select System Preferences
  • Click on Sound
  • In the sound window, click on Output
  • Select your Headphones
  • You now see a slider where you can adjust the balance using the slider

Now you're connected and know what to do. Enjoy the music!

The Headache-Free Answer On How To Delete Apps From An iPhone 7

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If you need to delete apps, data, or documents from your iPhone in order to resell the phone or simply free up space and facilitate expeditious operating speeds, you will need to know how to delete apps on iPhone 7 using one of the methods described below. The relevance of each method we reviewed for this article is dependent on your needs and the operating system your iPhone uses.

How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7

You can delete apps from your iPhone 7 most simply by using the "X" method on the home screen of your iPhone. If you are struggling with the "X" method, you can go through the "Settings" function on your iPhone to manage all your applications in greater detail. Other methods allow iPhone users to delete applications en masse or completely remove all data, applications, and documents from the phone. These methods are more relevant if you plan to wipe the slate clean and sell your iPhone.

While you can delete apps on your iPhone 7 using a variety of methods, if you review the various approaches explained below, you will find the method most appropriate in reference to your specific needs. Perhaps the most important consideration is whether you want to free up space on your iPhone or scrape every morsel of data from it and whether or not you want to preserve some portion of the data stored in your iPhone.

How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7 Using The "X" Method

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The "X" method is best for iPhone users who simply want to rid themselves of unwanted apps that take up space on the home screen and compromise operating speed without paying close attention to the amount of storage space each app uses nor the potential preservation or elision of data embedded in an app.

To delete an app with this method, simply press lightly on the unwanted app and wait for all the apps on the home screen to begin wiggling and displaying an "X" in the top left corner. From there simply press the "X" on unwanted apps at which point you will be referred to a window with a "Delete" option. After you have pressed this button, simply return to the home screen.

How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7 Using The "Settings" Method

delete app using settings method

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Using the "Settings" method to delete apps on your iPhone allows you to see exactly how much storage space each app uses before you choose whether to delete it or not. This prerogative is helpful if you need to free up a specific amount of space for another, fairly large, app or if you want to rid yourself of larger apps that may be slowing down your phone.

To use this method, go to the "Settings" function on your iPhone and tap "General" followed by "Storage & iCloud Usage." From there, you will have the option to select "Manage Storage" which will take you to a screen with a list of all your apps and the amount of storage space they use. When you tap an app you will see a button that reads "Delete App" which will do just that.

How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7 In A Batch Of Processes

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The "Settings" method described above is also useful if you want to delete a bunch of apps in one fell swoop, freeing up space for an iOS update or another app. To delete apps in a batch of processes, follow the instructions elucidated above and then, with the amount of storage you need to free up in mind, continue deleting apps as you are returned to the list of apps until you have satisfied your storage space requirements.

How To Offload Apps On iPhone 7 Without Losing Data Or Documents

iPhone users who plan to sell their phones may have data or documents stored within apps that they want to preserve while still deleting the relevant app from their phone to make it appealing to a buyer and secure in reference to the previous owner's data. If you fall into this category, you will need to offload the apps from your iPhone which will store the relevant data in the iCloud while freeing up space on your phone.

To offload apps from your iPhone, use the same process described in the "Settings" method portion of this article to navigate to the list of all the apps on your phone. Once you have located the app containing data you wish to offload, select the app and find the "Offload App" button which will ensure all the data and documents within the app are safely stored in the iCloud. Once you have completed this process, you can delete the app without any fear of losing data or documents.

Should you choose to, you can re-install the app when you have more storage space available and the data and documents from the iCloud will be restored to the app.

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