4 Awesome 2013 Mac Pro Features

If you’re an avid Mac fan, you’ve probably already gobbled up all the 2013 Mac Pro reviews and opinion articles out there. And as the computer hits stores across the country, you might even consider making this major ticket purchase yourself. We’re not going to mince words here – we’re big fans of the latest workstation from Apple, which is why in today’s post we’ve tallied up four of the most awesome 2013 Mac Pro features mentioned in others’ articles and reviews. Check them out, let us know what you think in the comment section, and also tell us if you’ve had the chance to use the machine yourself. Thinking of buying it? Why/why not? Got one already? Awesome – what’s your take on it? Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to tell us about other cool write-ups of the 2013 MacPro you’ve stumbled upon online.

It’s no accident that the Mac Pro bears the name that it does: originally, this line of workstations was destined for professionals, who required a lot of computing power, as well as a smooth-running CPU. Now, in time, as CPUs and then GPUs became more affordable, the situation changed. Enter the 2013 Mac Pro, which is once more focused on delivering the goods to professionals. It’s got astounding multi-core processor performance, the top GPUs and GPU computing powers available on the market at the moment, a fast I/O and anything else that a genuine professional might require to make their workload easier to handle. Of course, if you don’t plan on using the workstation for such purposes, who’s to say you can’t buy it? Certainly not us. However, if that’s your aim, then you can be sure the 2013 Mac Pro features pack a good punch.

2. Like PCs, 2013 Mac Pros can be built to greatness

With a Windows-based computer, you could purchase more memory, upgrade your processor and invest in any kind of tweak you need it since ages ago. Macs had fallen behind in this department, and many hardcore Windows enthusiasts touted this argument each time they praised PC superiority. That may have just changed forever with the advent of the 2013 Mac Pro features, which allow for as much building as you want to. Apple is now signaling that you can tailor your Mac Pro experience to fit you to a tee, and we couldn’t be happier.

3. Mac Pro prices are getting better and better

This is not to say that Apple’s powerhouse workstations are cheap by any standards. With a machine that’s clearly aimed at professionals, we wouldn’t expect it to be. The standard starting price is $2999 and the very basic upgrades can cause said price tag to whoosh past $5000. If you’re so inclined, you can upgrade your 2013 Mac Pro features to cost $10.000. However, actual pricing aside, it’s worth noting that Mac Pro prices have stayed stable for the past 3-4 years. In the meantime, Apple has been considering lower budgets, too, rendering the iMac cheaper and more affordable. So, in a nutshell, you’ve got alternatives if you want them (but the Mac Pro is certainly worth its salt, too).

4. The 2013 Mac Pro looks amazing

As Apple is prone to do, they have once more outdone themselves in terms of design, sealing the debate between PCs and Macs for the time being. The 2013 Mac Pro features a sleek look, as well as a smaller profile, which will truly grace your desk, instead of forcing you to hide it beneath it. This is all the more remarkable, given the many slots for expansions it comes with. This is computing real estate usage at its best: while it manages to look great, it also has immense functionality.

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