4 Alarm Clock Mac Apps You Should Try

Alarm clock Mac apps seem to be the all over the place. The problem seems to be: how do you separate the good alarm clock Mac apps from the bad alarm clock Mac apps? Well, luckily for you, we’re here to help you with that, as we’ve selected the top 4 alarm clock apps for Mac that you will definitely want to check out!

The problem with typical alarm clocks is that they simply aren’t that effective anymore, but a clock app for Mac is. Basic phone alarm clocks are good, but once you become accustomed to one, you can’t really wake up anymore short of setting up 5 different alarms, at 5 close, early morning hours, with 5 different tunes for each one. The result of this? A massive headache and a grouchy, give-me-coffee-now mood. Setting up an alarm clock Mac app can prove a welcome change. Next, the 4 best alarm clock apps for mac we could find:


No, this is not a Mac alarm clock.

4 Alarm Clock Mac Apps that Will Rock Your World

Most of these alarm clock Mac applications don’t just feature alarm clocks, but a few other features as well. Such is the case with Day-O. This Mac app is made to replace your boring old Mac calendar. The problem with the original Mac calendar was that it didn’t fly out when you clicked on it. But with Day-O, a very basic app developed by Shaun Inman, you can do just that.

The best part about it is that for each of its days, you can add separate alarms. Pretty cool! Try out this app right here. Did we mention it’s free?

3. Timer Utility Alarm Clock Mac App

A computer alarm clock Mac application that we love, the Timer Utility for Mac is officially our favorite timekeeper. It’s a perfect app for the office and for setting up your calendar so that you absolutely never forget about a deadline. Here are the full features of the Timer Utility app for the Mac:

  • Countdown timers;
  • Stopwatches;
  • Time tracking for projects;
  • Date planning;
  • Event calendar;
  • Alarms with multiple tunes.

The biggest disadvantage of this app (if you consider that a disadvantage) is that it’s a paid app. However, you do get what you pay for. And you can try it for free right here!

2. iAlarm Alarm Clock Mac App

Just like the previous alarm clock app for your Mac, this one too is a paid one. However, you can try it for free. Once again, you do get what you pay for. Compared to Timer Utility, this one’s user interface is a bit friendlier to the typical user. Here are some of the features of this app:

  • Sync with Google Calendar. Yes! Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of porting all your friends’ birthdays to your new app.
  • A repeating alarm that you can set in for workdays.
  • Each task can be customized. You can add a description for all tasks and assign them a specific category.
  • Snooze on the alarm clock.
  • Customizable settings for all features.
  • Date planning and time tracking.

Every little thing in your calendar will now pop-up on your screen. How cool is that? You can even choose to get SMS notifications for the most important things in your workflow or life-flow. Here is a download link.

1. Wake Up Time Alarm Clock Mac App

A basic clock designed to wake even those with the soundest sleep patterns. We’ve chosen to rank this one so high because it actually works really well as a standalone app, separate from your calendar or other apps that simply try to pile too many features into the same app. With this one, you get to set your alarm time, pick your sound, change the volume of the sound before it actually rings (to make sure it doesn’t wake the whole street), and even snooze it.

The simplicity of this app is really what makes it shine. It looks like one of those vintage clocks that you saw around the house when you were little. Another cool functionality you get is the ability to set up multiple alarms at the different times!

We truly recommend this free app that’s even endorsed by Apple. To prove this, here’s a download link on the iTunes App Store for Mac.


Alarm Clock Apps for Mac: Conclusion

Which of these fabulous alarm clock Mac apps did you choose? Let us know in the comments if you had problems with any of these or if you would like to particularly applaud one app.

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