5 Popular Mac Antivirus Software Programs

Last week we talked about the Clean My Mac software program that is designed to clean up your Mac computer and make it run smoother than ever. Now, we’re going to take a look at Mac antivirus software programs.

Apple says that Mac don’t need antivirus software programs to protect them from viruses because Macs don’t get viruses. And Apple is right about it, with small exceptions, of course. It is true that Mac computers rarely get viruses, but you need to focus on the word rarely. If you’re running Mac OS X you might want to protect your computer and feel that an antivirus is necessary. Here is a quick overview of the 5 most popular Mac antivirus software programs. Read our reviews and take notes!

Avast for Mac Antivirus Software Review

The best part about the Avast Free Antivirus for Mac 8.0 is that it’s free. It’s a decent Mac antivirus software program that does have a few cons. The first one is the fact that it will slow down your system, which is the most undesirable thing when it comes to computers. Another one is that it will give you a ton of false system positives, which is, again, very undesirable. And lastly, the privacy policy is a bit iffy, so if you’re really hungry for an antivirus software for Mac, then Avast is good, but not great.

Avira for Mac Antivirus Software Review

The Avira is a free antivirus software for Mac and it’s much better than the Avast one. It does its job of detecting malware very well and it does it without slowing down your system. When compared to the Avast Mac antivirus software and it has a much better privacy policy. The default settings will not scan all of your files, but just the ones it considers dangerous. It lets you set the boundaries, which we believe to be a great feature for any type of software. It’s the best free Mac antivirus software out there!

Panda Antivirus for Mac Review

With Panda Antivirus for Mac, we’ve just moved to the big boys’ league. It costs a whopping $49.45 for one year’s subscription and it does its job splendidly. You can download a free trial period of one month and you don’t need a credit card to do so. It’s compatible even with the latest Mac OX X Yosemite operating system and it requires 200MB of free disk space, less than the majority of Mac antivirus software programs are charging.

What’s great about the Panda antivirus for Mac is that it was made especially for Mac. Unlike Avast, which was created at the beginning of the ‘90s for Windows, Panda was crafted for Macs. As with any good antivirus program, you can get on-demand scanning wherever you want. You can select the files you want scanned and even have your email checked for viruses (you would be surprised at how much spyware and malware hides in there). The Panda antivirus for Mac also has a scheduled-scanning tool, which allows you to schedule when you want your system scanned and real-time scanning is pretty great. If you have the money, then get the Panda Mac antivirus software, it’s a wonderful tool to keep your system clean and healthy.

ClamXav2 Mac Antivirus Software Review

Another free Mac antivirus software programs, the ClamXav2, this one we do not recommend. Even if you don’t want to spend a penny of your Mac antivirus software, you don’t have to download this one. Although the programs does get updated by its developer, it’s slow in its scans. It won’t slow down your Mac, but it won’t get the job done properly, either. Pass!

Have you tried any of these Mac antivirus software programs? Care to share your thoughts on them with us? Drop us a line in the comment section below.

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