How to Activate iPhone without SIM Card – Quick and Easy

Here are a few tips on how to activate iPhone without SIM card and get to use your phone. The popular iPhone comes with pros and cons, just like any other phone. And while you’re happy with all of its incredible features, there’s a setback. What if you can’t take advantage of them? One major issue with iPhone is that you can’t use it without a SIM card. Meanwhile, other manufacturers allow users to make use of the phone’s functions.

Your non-activated iPhone now shows the activation screen from which you can only place emergency calls. The good thing is, you can trick your Apple phone into giving you access to other features.

How to Activate iPhone without SIM in 4 quick and easy ways

Method 1 – How to Activate iPhone without SIM using iTunes

Get on your PC and open a Web browser. Navigate to and click the “iTunes” link to download the latest version of iTunes. Following the instructions present in the app, install it onto your computer.

Then, connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB connection cable. Launch the iTunes program and follow the instructions presented onto the screen to activate the CDMA iPhone.

Once activated, the device should bypass the activation screen and no longer require a SIM card.

Method 2 – How to Activate iPhone without SIM using Emergency call

This is how to activate iPhone without SIM quick, but you need to be careful not to get the authorities on your back.

Take out your iPhone and click the “Home” button. This will give you three options: “Emergency call”, “Start over”, and “Cancel”. Click on “Emergency call” as scary as it may seem. Type 112 and dial. Once dialed, instantly press the power button on your phone. Some pop-ups will appear, but you just need to click “Cancel” and end the call.

After successfully completing all the steps shown above, you should be able to see your iPhone’s home screen. Enjoy your phone’s features without having to insert a SIM card.

Method 3 – How to Activate iPhone without SIM using redsn0w

If your phone is running on iOS 6, this method is for you. Make sure you have a SIM card, though. You won’t need it after but it’s useful in making your iPhone working without a SIM in the future. You will also have to install the redsn0w 0.9.13b3 app, have iExplorer on your device, as well as a correct firmware.

Now that we have all that covered, it’s time to start the setup. Run redsn0w, go to “Extras” and select “IPSW”. Next, select your firmware. If everything’s ok, it should say that it is successfully identified. But if it doesn’t, it means that your firmware file is corrupted. Just re-download it from another source and try again.

Now go back and click jailbreak and wait until it completes. Make sure that “Install SSH” is checked. Then, put your smartphone in DFU mode. Select “Next” on redsn0w and immediately press the power button for a few seconds. Next, continue to push the power down button but with “Home” button for about ten seconds. Press it until you see redsn0w jailbreaking your Apple device.

When the device reboots, it is time to head to iExplorer and run it. Then, go to the root folder and select the option of applications. You will see a file that you must delete.

After getting all of the above done, the last thing you need to do is reboot your iPhone. You are done. The activation screen should not appear anymore, and you can lose the SIM card for good.

Method 4 – How to Activate iPhone without SIM using R-sim/X-sim

You can also activate your iPhone with X-sim or R-sim cards, and then throw away the original SIM card because you won’t be needing it anymore. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your iPhone to work without a SIM.

First, you need to insert your SIM card with the R-sim/X-sim into your device. Then, select the carrier or enter your IMSI code, and confirm. Restart your device. You’ll see your iPhone searching for service. The activation is now complete.

Completing this process will make your iPhone function without a SIM card. But if you don’t want to use a R-sim or a X-sim, try the other three methods explained above.

These four simple and quick methods to activate your iPhone without using a SIM card have proven to be efficient for many users. Choose the one that suits you best and let us know what worked. Any other suggestions?

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