Aircharge Qi Review for iPhone 6

Even though Apple has limited the wireless charging only for the Apple Watch at the moment, there are some ways in which you can charge your iPhone this way as well. You can buy a wireless charging case for the iPhone 6 that will allow you to charge the device without any wires. Well, except for the one going into the charging pad, obviously.

Here is our Aircharge Qi review for iPhone 6.

Feel & Look

The Aircharge Wireless Charging Case for the iPhone 6 feels and looks like your common ABS case. It really looks like most of the other plastic cases on the market except it has a little more depth at the bottom. While the case doesn’t exactly have a premium feel or look, it doesn’t look cheap and it’s pretty unobtrusive and sturdy. It’ll make your phone a little thicker but not by much, when compared to previous such technologies.

In Use

The Aircharge Qi wireless charging case has two parts. The main part goes just above the top of your iPhone display and the cap is used to close the case. You have to slide your iPhone inside the case and dock it into the Lightning plug at the bottom of it and then snap the cap on top. After you do this you will be able to use your iPhone 6 with any Qi compatible wireless charging mat. You won’t need to use any app either.

We tested the case with the charging pad from Aircharge. Positioning isn’t all that important; as long as your phone is on the pad it will charge. There is a green LED on the pad that signals it’s in standby and the same LED will turn blue when you are using the device. It’s extremely simple.

Even though it won’t charge as fast as when you plug a cable in your phone, our tests showed that the iPhone charges to 100% overnight when used with the case.

There are some issues with usability however. The edges are a little too thick, which can get in the way of your fingers. The volume and power buttons are a little off also but the mute switch is the most difficult to use. Using the buttons isn’t such a big deal but if you need to use the mute switch on a regular basis, you will find that it is pretty annoying.

Even though placing your phone inside the case is a breeze, getting it out of it might prove to be a little difficult. You will have to put your fingernail or something sharp in the gap between the two different pieces of the case and pull them. After you do this, you will be able to easily slide your phone out of the case.


In my opinion, wireless charging stations aren’t all that neater than wired ones. There is still a wire visible and you still have to be precise when you place your phone down.

The true benefit might be for a person who spends considerate amounts of times away from the desk. If you want to charge your phone for the short time you spend at the desk, it may be annoying to constantly unplug and plug your phone in. It’s a lot easier to simply place the phone on the mat when you are at the desk.


The Aircharge Wireless Charging Case for the iPhone 6 is $38, and $31 for the iPhone 5 and 5s. The Aircharge Qi Travel Charging Pad is $44.

So there you have it. This was our short Aircharge Qi review for the iPhone 6.

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