Airplay on iPad – How to Make It Work

Want to use the miraculous AirPlay on iPad devices? Nothing could be simpler! However, not too many people have an Apple TV to work with. Most of us have just a basic TV, a computer (or Mac), an iPad, and/or an iPhone. So is there a way to stream AirPlay on your desktop without an Apple TV?

Yes, there is! We’re here to show you how to do just that. There are a few simple steps to doing this. Furthermore, if you stick around to the end of the article, we’ll also be showing you how to consequently send your AirPlay on iPad stream to your basic TV without the need for it to be made by Apple. As complicated as Apple has made this, we’re figured out a workaround that’s incredibly accessible and simple.

How to Use AirPlay on iPad

Streaming AirPlay on iPad to your computer couldn’t be simpler. By following this small guide, you won’t just be able to view movies and other media from your iPad on your computer screen. Although this is already very convenient, you can also now use your iPad (and your iPhone) as a controller for games. These games can be either those on your computer or those that you can stream from the iPad.

Here are the exact requirements for this method to work:

  • An Apple device. In order to enable AirPlay on iPad, you first need an iPad. Specifically, you need either an iPad Mini, iPad 2 or newer. You can also stream AirPlay from other devices such as iPhones newer than the 4S or iPods (at least touch 5).
  • A computer. Mac or Windows, both are able to run AirPlay. Your Mac needs to have at least OS X Snow Leopard while your PC can have any Windows version newer than Vista.
  • A Wi-Fi network. To be able to stream AirPlay, all devices that you plan to use need to be connected to the same wireless network. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see AirPlay enabled devices when starting the stream.
  • This is a third-party software. Without this software, you won’t be able to stream AirPlay on iPad or iPhone without an Apple TV.

After you’ve made sure that you have all these things, here’s what you need to do in order to enable AirPay on iPad to your computer:

  • Install AirServer. The first thing to do is install the Air Server third party software on your PC or Mac. We recommend choosing the trial version first and if you still need it later, you can buy it.
  • Open AirServer. This program will allow your computer to emulate and AirPlay server. Basically, your iPad, iPhone, or iPod will now see it as an Apple TV with AirPlay enabled.
  • Verify connections. Be sure to check and see if all devices are on the same network. We recommend a basic wireless network. If this doesn’t work, Windows users that have Windows 7 or newer can create a private wireless network specifically for this. Remember to connect your iPad to it as well to enable AirPlay on iPad.
  • Launch AirPlay on iPad. After everything is secured, it’s time for the actual streaming. Swipe up from the bottom of your device’s screen. If you don’t see AirPlay there, it means that you haven’t got the latest AirPlay on iPad updates. Go to Apple and update your software. Tap AirPlay and you should see your device right there. If it doesn’t show up, you need to recheck all the steps above have been appropriately completed.

How to AirPlay from iPad to Basic TVs

This part is simple. If you want your basic TV to work to stream Airplay on iPad, you need to have it connected to the computer mentioned above. Basically, this is a sort of double-mirroring. First, you enable mirroring from AirPlay on iPad to your computer; then, you enable mirroring from your computer to your TV. To do this, you only need an HDMI cable. If your computer and your TV have an HDMI port, connect the cable and everything should work smoothly!

This has been a complete guide to how to use AirPlay on iPad without the need of an Apple TV. Remember that this emulator trick works freely only for 7 days. Beyond this trial period, you will have to pay for the AirServer software. However, for those who only need this to work one time, the trial version should prove more than sufficient.

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