The New Apple Smart Watch Has Been Revealed

If you’re one of our regular readers, you may remember how excited we were about the upcoming Apple 9th of September event right before it came to pass. We were eagerly waiting for more details to be disclosed about more than one Apple goodie, such as the fabulous new iPhone 6 which already got the gadget fans clapping excitedly with every leaked rumor, or the new iOS 8, the much expected Apple TV and so on. But one of the gems which is sometimes overseen by people who focus more on traditional computer, is the new Apple smart watch, which has been revealed at the latest event, much to our excitement. Since we bet you’re dying to know yourself the latest facts about the upcoming Apple smart watch, here is the up to date fact list we have so far.

As we all know, when it comes to lovely gadgets, even if looks are not by far everything, a pretty gizmo sure is enticing enough to make us buy it. This attractive feature is even more efficient if said gadget happens to be one we wear or often take out in public, such as the new Apple smart watch which we’re supposed to wear on the wrist for the whole world to admire and envy. Therefore, even at the risk of being accused of shallowness, we do care about how the Apple smart watch will look like, as much as we’re convinced its little inner computer will perform outstandingly as well.

And thankfully, the looks definitely didn’t disappoint: as you can see of from the picture above, of the Apple CEO Tim Cook talking about the Apple smart watch at the September 9th event with a picture of its screen in the background, things are looking promising. There has been a vivid debate on what kind of screen is better: one that reflects light, such as the Kindle’s, or one that emits lights, such as the screen of an iPad. In this case, and much to the happiness of fans who were rooting for the iPad version, Apple decided to stick to its trademark lighted screen and will be making its smart watch beam with colorful holograms.

As for its external looks, the watch will come is 6 different strap styles, each of them available in multiple colors. Each Apple smart watch owner will likely have all these straps upon buying the gadget, and they will be easy to swap, thanks to a magnet-based system of changing and locking them. The watch will also be available in two sizes with adjustable settings. Every smart watch will be waterproof and customizable to such a degree, that it will be hard to tell that two of them are one and the same product once every owner chooses their own design preferences.

What Will the New Apple Smart Watch Do?

To be true to its description as “smart”, the upcoming Apple Smart Watch will be able to perform a small number of tasks you would normally charge your smart phone with, like summoning up a calendar, agenda, playing music or calculating a few things for you. It will also be able to perform on high resolutions to make its operation available to anyone and under the most difficult circumstances (like a dark room). To make things even smoother, the new Apple smart watch will have adjustable lighting intensity, to beam up sufficiently while in the dark, but to also display a “dark mode” if you don’t want to distract the people around with its glow.

Also, perhaps its most awaited feature of the Apple smart watch will be its ability to play movies for its wearer’s enjoyment. No longer will you need to carry your laptop or iPod around for the ability to watch a movie while commuting or whatever. HBO movies or Netflix shows or maybe even Amazon Prime, depending on what you’ll sign up for, will be available directly on your wrist, at a good enough resolution to make you forget that it’s still a watch after all. Basically, Tim Cook said that the new gadget will be able to replace an iPhone in almost every respect.

In addition to all this, the Apple smart watch will come with a huge focus on fitness and health, being able to monitor basic things like one’s heat rate, exercise intensity, calories burnt within a day and so on. Its sports dimension will be tailored to fit the needs of both busy people with only a slight interest in exercise, and professional athletes who take their training seriously.

How Soon Can We Expect It and At What Price?

According to Apple’s official news, the new watch can be expected to hit the shelves as soon as 2015, with a purchase cost of around £300 and up. All in all, we can hardly wait for the new Apple smart watch to be available for purchase. How about you, are you excited for the new gadget or not so much? What would you like different about it, if you had a say? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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