Four New Apple Commercials Showing Off Apple Watch

Do you know how hard it is to make people buy a brand new watch? Double it, no, triple it, and that’s where the difficulty of selling an Apple Watch stands. These four new Apple commercials are trying to entice people to buy something straight from an Asimov book.

Well, not really, but Apple’s smartwatch is quite the little pioneer.

Reports show that Apple Watch is starting to struggle, and others note that Apple Watch will go pass the $2 billion mark by the end of the 2015 calendar year. At this point, you just can’t listen to rumors anymore. We’ll see what’s going to happen with Apple’s product when 2015 ends. Probably.

An Apple Watch helping this young lady stretch after a long day at work.

This is Apple’s take on the situation. Four brand new Apple commercials that show how an average user can use the Apple Watch on a daily basis – and the not so average, travelling around the world without a care in the world folk.

Apple Commercials – Apple Watch – Beijing

The first one is about Bejing, and it shows how two ladies take to discovering this Asian diamond. They use the smartwatch to get to The Great Wall of China, show them how many CNY’s make an euro, and it reunites the two when they get lost.

Apple wants to pinpoint how their smartwatch can get you out of some nasty situations, like texting a friend SOS when someone’s getting too close for comfort at a club. We’ve all been there girls.

Of course, it ends with them laughing, because Apple Watch has saved them from an awkward moment of saying NO! God forbid you use your words to say what you want.

But in all fairness, Apple showcases how great of a tool the Apple Watch can be – look up restaurants, or places you can go for sightseeing, landmarks, hotels, spas, where to rent a car, and so on, and so forth.

Apple Commercials – Apple Watch – Berlin

The second one in the set of four Apple commercials showcases the same thing as the first one, but swapping the two main protagonists, and the city. Notice that we’re talking about Berlin now, and the two women are of Asian descent?

This commercial showcases how Apple Watch owners can use their device as a translating tool, find hot-spots in the city, and most importantly, check the time. It made me giggle that at the end of the clip one of the women checks her watch to see what hour it is. It has become alien to me seeing a smartwatch being used to tell time.

Apple Commercials – Apple Watch – Closer

Now to a more average-person intended commercial. I pretty much liked this third ad in the set of four of Apple commercials, because it showed how you might use the device in actual day to day tasks.

Well, it doesn’t start like that. I mean, who becomes a father every single day of their lives?

Nevertheless, the human element is present, and important.

A grandmother receiving a drawn picture with the sex of her newborn grand-child, families communicating, a father playing tic-tac-toe with his son just makes this commercial feel more natural than the previous two.

And families with newborns know how hard it is to reject, or accept, a phone call when you have your baby all cuddled up in your arms – screaming, or not. It’s a fine line that separates screaming, with laughing, and just being contempt when you’re 5 months old, and you only know to yell when you’re upset, and to laugh when something pleases you. Actually, that’s how the majority of teenagers act. Hmm.

Apple Commercials – Apple Watch – Goals

Of course, the last one focuses on fitness, and it showcases how people struggle with maintaining their diet, their workload, and how hard it is to stay put in this always-on-the-run society. 

At the beginning you’ll see a woman lamenting her inability of doing sports. How continuing with your training – the martial arts guy – can be quite tough – the martial arts guy getting slammed to the ground; and how a man doing push-ups is barked at by his dog.

It’s all enveloped with an ending of a man doing some push-ups in the middle of  the night, and it concludes the series of four Apple commercials aimed at enticing new customers in joining their Apple Watch ranks.

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