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  • Is the New Mac Pro Worth the Investment?

    First of all, the New Mac Pro, Apple’s high-end desktop, is not to be confused with the MacBook Pro. It is the bigger, more powerful sibling of the iMac and Mac Mini which was supposedly designed for a different audience. Have you ever thought of purchasing a Mac Pro for yourself? It’s always a good […]

  • Apple Watch Delivery is Slower than Expected

    It appears that Apple Watch delivery time frame of Apr 24 was more of a delivery day for some of these preorders than an actual launching period. Within sort time of the preorders starting on April 10, many Apple Watches were almost immediately sold out. As a measurement for identifying how efficiently Apple has managed […]

  • Activity Monitor for Mac – How to Use It

    Mac users rejoice – there is hope for reducing the load on your computer! It’s called the Activity Monitor for Mac and it can do so many things, it can give the standard, ctrl-alt-delete Task Manager of Windows computers a run for its money. Yet how do you use this feature on a Mac? What […]

  • Finding the Best Printer for Mac

    Finding the best printer for Mac computers isn’t nearly as easy as some may think. Given, most printers that are good for Windows computers are good for Macs just as well. But there is a huge if here. The problem is: the best one for a PC may turn out to be the far from […]

  • ’14 Winter Quarter Sees US Mac Sales Decrease

    As much as Apple fans would hate to admit it, sales figures for their pet brand haven’t been exactly stellar of late. And the latest Gartner report released on April 9, 2014, confirmed a largely anticipated US Mac sales decrease. The backdrop for this contraction in sales figure that Apple’s flagship computer posted is rather […]

  • How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card

    Oh, the joy you get when you suddenly check your mail to see someone’s sent you an iTunes gift card! Wondering how to redeem iTunes Gift Card prizes? There is no simple or short answer to that, yet once you get through this article you’ll know exactly what you need to do. No matter whether […]

  • Skype 5.0 Was Redesigned for iPhone

    In what can be interpreted as a supreme irony (for all of us who are aware of Microsoft and Apple’s fierce competition going on since… well, since ever), the two companies have announced earlier this week a new collaboration on making Skype available on iPhone. Well, not to sound dramatic, Skype was already available on […]

  • 11 Ways Apple Used Product Placement To Mess With Your Subconscious

    Call it creativity, call it reckless abandon, call it fearlessness. The fact is, Apple’s never been too shy to grab its target audience by the shoulders and insist “you’ve got to try this.” Its eerily predictive “1984” ad, directed by Ridley Scott, still stands as a testament to what a simple commercial spot can do […]

  • Bose SoundLink Color Review

    Bose is back with a second generation portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. The company calls its new product-line the Bose SoundLink Color. Don’t confuse the Color with the high-quality aluminium-built SoundLink Mini. The Bose SoundLink Color retails at an affordable price, is highly portable, and comes in black, white, and three other hip colors to match […]

  • The Quickest Way on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

    No products found. The photos and videos in your phone are in some ways more valuable than gold. One picture of a precious memory has been lost, it’s gone. There’s no recreating youth, no revisiting a child’s first steps, no traveling back to Rome or Paris or New York with spending an inconceivable amount of […]