The Best Apple Accessories for the New Apple Watch

Preorders, sales and reservations for the Apple Watch are expected to explode these upcoming weeks. So, we’ve made a list of the best Apple accessories for the new device. You can preorder and purchase the online right now.

Manufacturers of accessories aren’t waiting for an official program for third-party accessories for the new device from Apple and a long list of screen protectors, charging docks, cases, straps and a lot more are planned to be released next month along the new watch. There are even some ways in which you can attach a normal watch strap to Apple’s new device and a few portable power alternatives for when you need to charge your smartwatch on the go.

We expect that a lot more companies will announce Apple accessories in the next few weeks so be prepared to see a lot more coming.

So without further ado, here is our list of the best watch accessories we’ve seen so far.

The Bumper

The Bumper is among the first protective cases for Apple’s smartwatch. It is a rubber protector for the Apple Watch casing and it is aimed for the people who enjoy extreme sports as it is shock-resistant. The company that made the protective case scheduled to ship it in May and almost reached its crowd funding goal.

Price: $18.99 – $35


Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand, Roll Up Kit

This is one of our favorite manufacturers of accessories for iPhones and has certainly done the same great work for the new watch. The company just revealed its new collection of leather and wood accessories for the watch and the accessories are available to order before May.

Price: $69 Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand, $49 Roll Up Kit


Armorsuit Screen Protector with Body Skin

This accessory is going to be available next month when Apple’s smartwatch starts shipping. Armorsuit has skins made out of faux carbon fiber for the case of the watch and screen protectors. You can buy the screen protector separately or with the transparent skin or the carbon fiber one.

Price: $8 Screen Protector, $11 Body Skin


Casetify Custom Bands

Casetify is making its online custom design tool for iPhone cases available for the Apple Watch as well.

Price: $50


Click Adapter for Standard Watch Straps

You can’t use traditional watch straps on your Apple Watch but with the Click Adapter you will be able to. This adapter lets you use any 22mm band in the slide-in mechanism used by Apple on its smartwatch. The company doubled its goal on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter and is planning to release the gadget in early June/late May.

Price: $10


MyCell Replacement Bands

MyCell manufactured some replacement bands that look very similar to those offered by Apple. For $25 you can buy a Sport replacement band and for up to $224 you will be able to purchase a stainless steel band.

Price: $25 – $224


Griffin Charging Dock for Apple Watch & iPhone

This dock from Griffin will work for both your new watch when it’s going to ship this summer and for the current iPhone.

Price: $29


WatchKeeper Travel/Charging Case

The accessories manufacturer Proper from Australia wants to release this leather travel/charging case for the new Apple Watch this May.

Price: $59


Twelve South HiRise Dock for Apple Watch

The stand/charging dock from Twelve South is similar to the design of its HiRise dock for the iPhone. The dock will start shipping in May.

Price: $49


Navitech Oak Charging Dock, Clear Smart Cover and Screen Protector

The oak wood stand is already available for preordering and it will start shipping on April 14. Navitech will also launch its Clear Smart Cover that offers protection for the watch and features a tempered glass protector for its screen. We don’t really know how this will affect the Force Touch feature in the Apple Watch but I guess we’ll soon find out.

Price: $34 Oak Charging Dock, $19 Clear Smart Cover


Nomad Stand for Apple Watch, NomadPod Portable Charger/Battery

The aluminum stand from Nomad will start shipping in early May and the 1800mAh portable battery pack will ship in early June.

Price: $59 Nomad Stand for watch, $59 NomadPod Portable Charger/Battery


Band Swapper

The Sport model of Apple Watch comes with two different straps – a Medium/Large one and a Small/Medium one. The Band Swapper lets you change the one you won’t use for another strap in the size and the color you prefer.

Price: $6

Bandstand from Standzout

This company already manufactured a lot of quality stands for iDevices and now Standzout wishes to launch the Bandstand Apple Watch Dock this summer.

Price: around $70


Reserve Strap Featuring Built-In Battery

Reserve Strap brings to the table the first strap with a built-in battery for the watch. The company is currently taking preorders for its strap through its official website. However, it did not announce when the strap will start shipping and stated that the first batch of straps will be very limited.

Price: $249

DodoCase Charging Stand

The accessory manufacturer DodoCase was among the first ones to reveal a charging dock for the brand new Apple Watch. The company plans to start shipping the solid steel and walnut gadget around 4 to 6 weeks after the watch launches in April.

Price: $69


Apple Bands, Magnetic Charging Cable

Apple will of course start offering its own line of accessories for the watch.

Price: $49 – $449 Apple Bands, $29/$39 Magnetic Charging Cable


Apple Watch Supershieldz Screen Protector on eBay, Amazon and Monowear

This is the best value when it comes to screen protectors for the Apple Watch. Supershieldz said that it will offer a 6-pack of anti-fingerprint and anti-glare matte screen protectors for only $3.

Price: $3 for 6 screen protectors


So there you have it. This was our list of the best Apple accessories we could find. If you’re excited about the new smartwatch from Apple you might want to seriously consider one (or more) of these accessories. Some of them are quite the bargain and they’re definitely worth checking out.

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