Best iPhone 5 Cases to Gift this Holiday Season

It’s official! The most popular iPhone to date is the iPhone 5 and millions of people still rely on it for their daily business. Sure, iPhone 5s and 6 are better, but the 5 really struck a chord with people. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best iPhone 5 cases to gift this Holiday season to your friends and family. Naturally, you can still find cases for iPhone 4 and 4s, so don’t despair, our article is here to serve as inspiration.

Until Apple decides to make a waterproof iPhone, we’re stuck to getting waterproof cases that need to fulfil two basic needs: to be waterproof, naturally and to also be good looking. Most waterproof cases are quite bulky, but these ones from Otterbox are slim thin and very high rated. They were best sellers in 2014 and we highly recommend them, they are truly the best.  These cases are suited for nature lovers, extreme sports enthusiasts and young people who don’t take their iPhone protection too seriously.

Lifeproof Casesbest-iphone-5-cases-lifeproof-2317004

Sure, we’ve taken a look at a waterproof case, but now it’s time for a Lifeproof iPhone 5c case. This one deserves to be in a league of its own, because it’s that good. It offers protection against dust, scratches and even water and snow. It’s a bit rugged looking, so it’s perfect for men and women who don’t like fairy dust on their iPhones and for those who tend to drop their cell phones often. Lifeproof cases tend to be a bit pricier than the usual iPhone protective cases, but they are totally worth the bucks.

Fancy Leatherbest-iphone-5-cases-leather-7674528

Some of the best iPhone cases aren’t easy of the eyes. There’s a special place in hell for bulky iPhone cases that don’t do much except look bulky. If the person you’re thinking about getting an iPhone 5 cases for prefers a sleeker look to their phones, then we suggest you try a fancy leather case. Choose either a wallet type or pocket type case. The biggest hit in 2013 was this Book Book leather case, which looks as if it would come in quite handy.

Extended Battery Casesbest-iphone-5-cases-mophie-3627119

If you’re tired of charging your phone each and every day or if you simply don’t want to carry around the charger with you, then you should turn to a battery-bumper case. One of the best extended battery cases right now is the Mophie. There are three models for the iPhone 5: the Juice Pack Plus (which costs $120 and offers 2100 mAh), the Juice Pack Air (which costs $100 and offers 1700 mAh) and the Juice Pack Helium (which costs $80 and offers the least power of the pack, 1500 mAh).

The only drawback we can think of with the Mophie is that you need an adapted cable to access the headphone jack because of their thick bases. But hey, the Mophie will protect your phone and give you extra battery life!

Fun and Funkybest-iphone-5-cases-funky-5577838

If the person you want to give an iPhone case to is not worried too much about scratching their phone, then we suggest you choose a funky case that is going to attract the gaze of others. Steer away from clear or white cases and pick something bold and crazy. Check out this one from Isn’t it absolutely wonderful, as well looking quite protective of your darling phone? You can find some of the best iPhone 5 cases on this website.

Whats your favorite iPhone case? What case are you going buy for your friend or parents? What other iPhone case brands do you like?

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