10 Best Photo Editing Software for Mac Computers

We are all currently living in the era of technology when it comes to pretty much anything. Whether you are part of a beginners group of photographers or photography editors or just want to see what the world still has to offer in terms of Photo Editing Software, then here are some ideas.

Many of us have started evolving a passion for photography, especially since there is always a camera on our side, from your smartphone’s camera, to a point and shoot or even too more professional cameras. Even if you don’t have a huge budget available for an amazing camera, you can still add a touch of professionalism to your photos by using photo editing software

Next, you will find out what is the best photo editing software and also what is the best free photo editing software.


GIMP is kind of a simple version of Photoshop and the best thing about it is that it’s absolutely free. It takes some time to get familiarized with all the tools and features but once you get the hang of it, GIMP will have plenty to offer in terms of photo retouching, image authoring and composition. This definitely is the best free photo editing software for Mac or your Windows PC.

Simply HDR

Simply HDR is a paid photo editing software which you can buy for your macbook at only $9.99. Its specialty is to turn simple pictures into Vibrant HDR – High Dynamic Range, by using a large range of dynamic light and different details. It is one of the easiest softwares available for home use and it is also available for your ipad or android tablet.


ColorStrokes is probably not one of the best photo editing software for mac if you are looking for a professional piece of software. However, if you are a beginner and look for a photo editing tool that allows you to play around with colors, presets and other features, without the hassle of learning a difficult photo edit program, for $4.99 ColorStrokes can be yours.

Snapheal Pro

What is the best photo editing software when it comes to healing pictures? Definitely Snapheal Pro. This app was actually rated as the Best Mac App Store App in 2012. It uses the world’s most advance image healing algorithms” as stated by its developers and it’s truly a photo editing software that you need to add to your portfolio. The app is available for purchasing at the price of $37.98.

FishEye Lomo

For the cheap price of only $4.99 you are able to add the Fisheye lens effect on every photo you have, using the FishEye Lomo Mac App.


Aperture by Apple is a more advanced photo editing tool meant to be the big (expensive) brother of iPhoto. The program offers professional photo editing tools and it has been fully optimized for Retina display. You can find Aperture available online and you can download it for $69.99.

ACDSee Mac Pro

ACDSee Mac Pro offers customizable presets and promises to be a powerful processing engine of RAW images. It is currently on sale for $69.95.

Corel PaintShop Pro X5


The best thing that Corel Paintshop has to offer is a complete toolset for different skilled photo editors. Its interface is fairly easy to use and you can have the full digital power of the software available for $79.99.


If you are looking for a both photo and video editing software on your Mac, then iSkysoft is the right choice for you.

Adobe Photoshop

The answer to the question of what is the best professional photo editing software is obviously Adobe Photoshop. Make your portraits look stunning, add or remove objects or subjects from pictures, create logos and different designs, these are all available with Photoshop. However, you have to spend quite some time and effort on it, if you want to become a Photoshop Pro. With a various range of photo editing tools and presets, Photoshop remains one of the best photo editing software for Windows and Mac.

This was our top 10 photo editing software programs, suitable both for beginners and professional use.

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