Bluelounge Portiko and Pixi Review

Bluelounge is known for their top-quality accessories. They aren’t your average Apple accessory maker either. Their history spans over 15 years, and during this time, they have managed to garner a cult following that adds as a testament to the quality of their products.

Elegance and simplicity tightly packed together forming an alliance to be reckoned with, Bluelounge offers a wide variety of products from cable management to charging stations.

Today we’ll be talking about Portiko and Pixi – products that work exceptionally well when paired.

Portiko and Pixi – a Bluelounge deadly pair

Portiko is a table-mountable power source with a 6-foot extension cord, two 100V outlets and two USB ports which you can find on Amazon for $25, and Pixi is BlueLounge’s cable ties product line which costs $10 a pop.

They have been simultaneously released, and the mother company recommends that you buy them together – of course, you can use them individually also.

Portiko can charge up to four devices at once – reliable, and fast. It has enough power to handle a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch – all at the same time, regardless of what product combination you use.

Pixi is Bluelounge’s take on cable management. The Pixi product line is elegant, and yet so very simple. Pixi consists of a set of plastic, and elastic bands built with the sole purpose of wrapping themselves around cables in order to tidy up your desk, or your workplace. It’s the ideal product if you are an avid traveller.

Both of the products, Portiko, and Pixi feature great long-lasting quality build.

As you may have already figured it out, Portiko is the big daddy of the two. It features a 2.4A USB charger and twin AC power charger, with a 6-foot power cable attached. Portiko can come in either blue or white. Bluelounge ships their product with just one detachable piece. It’s a magnetically-attached plate that can easily stick on walls, or desks, using its two strips of included 3M tape.

Their official product photographs are showcasing exactly how Portiko functions – and they are exceptional as well.

As you can see in the official Bluelounge images, on each of Portiko’s sides you can find one AC outlet, and one USB port. Portiko can pump enough power to charge two MacBook Pros at the same time – this doesn’t mean that it will sacrifice charging time, and you should expect your devices to be charged normally, and without having to wait a full day to reach 100 percent.

Now, the nasty thing about them is that this product may vary for different countries. Their official website notes that their USB ports feature 2.4A, but I’ve seen retail shops stating something different – 2.1A to be more exact.

Now, that’s not that much of a problem, but still, it’s something that you should know before acquiring the product.

One of the USB ports is labelled iOS which indicates that it should be used only by iOS devices in order to be charged without issues.

As I’ve stated before, Portiko can come in blue or white. The industrial white design looks exceptionally well in an office environment, while the blue version makes an appeal to the hipster inside you. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the blue version, and I consider it as my colour to go to, but you have to admit that it does look a little bit out of place. The box measures 4.4″ by 1.95″ by 1.2″.

Portiko feels like a regular bargain if you choose to look for other options. This Bluelounge product costs $25, while other competitor products cost four times that.

There isn’t that much to say regarding Pixi. Bluelounge tackles cable management exceptionally well, and Pixi is described as ” reusable multi-purpose ties”. Bluelounge offers the best alternative to the classic zip ties, and twists that end up being cut after their first usage – more so, they tend to be cheeky bastards, and they hide successfully around your room, just waiting for you to step on them barefooted. If you thought stepping on Lego bricks meant pain, wait until you enter the Fifth Circle of Hell!

Pixi can be bought for $10 a pop from Amazon. Sure, they cost more than your average zip tie, but at least you can reuse it.

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