Is the Bass Worth the Buck? Beat Studio 2 Review

Wireless headphones don’t have to have low-quality sound. We compare some top wireless headphones in our Beat Studio 2 review to offer you a selection of wireless headphones with the highest quality sound. What Is the Beats Studio 2?Beats Studio 2 headphones are fashionable wireless headphones with RemoteTalk for connectivity with Siri using Apple devices. […]

How to Connect Beats to Mac With No Problem!

Image from Amazon You have a brand-new Beats wireless headphone set and you realize you don’t have a clue how to pair them to your Mac. The reality is Macs are a little more difficult to understand compared to Windows, but when you learn how to connect Beats to Mac, there’s no going back! The […]

The 5 Best iPhone SE Cases For Protecting Your Device

The iPhone SE is a very popular and unique device among Apple fans. Despite not featuring the latest and greatest technology, the iPhone SE appeals to a group of people who want a good smartphone in a smaller form factor. iPhone 6S Apple decided to cater to a market of people who preferred the smaller […]

4 Cool Kate Spade iPad Mini Case Models

Kate Spade iPad Mini cases are the best! Trendy, chic, and incredibly sweet, these iPad Mini covers are the talk of Fashion County, the fancy of the fabulous, and the stars of the iPad cases, all while keeping reasonably priced. All models are under $100. There’s just one problem: there are 4 Kate Spade iPad […]

The iPad Screen Protector – a Necessary Precaution

If you find yourself looking for an iPad screen protector, that means you have reached a new level of responsibility. It also means that you have crossed a dubious threshold in life where you need smaller gadgets for your main gadgets. But I digress. No matter how vocal Apple is in stressing the durability of […]

Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor Review

Ever been annoyed by the incessant pandering by your iPhone to back up its data? Well, fortunately, you can now postpone that notification forever with the Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor. This little app is perfect for just about any kind of extraction and backup job you need done for your iPhone. Its genius stems from […]

Finding the Best Printer for Mac

Finding the best printer for Mac computers isn’t nearly as easy as some may think. Given, most printers that are good for Windows computers are good for Macs just as well. But there is a huge if here. The problem is: the best one for a PC may turn out to be the far from […]

Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech G700 has quite a lot of buttons that you can customize and its SetPoint software is flexible. Its wireless receiver is petite and it can be connected to multiple devices. The Logitech G700 has a dented scroll and free spin wheel. Yet, the Logitech G700 software is seriously outdated – old design and bad […]

Apple Lightning to HDMI Adapter Mystery

There are some really confusing articles on the web regarding the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter. Endless discussions about whether the picture is either laggy or filled with video artifacts. Misconceptions regarding if it outputs native or upscaled 1080p, or if the iPad Mini can or can’t possibly mirror anything on a big screen TV. We’are […]

Casetify Apple Watch Band Review

Casetify is a company which specializes in iPad, iPhone and MacBook cases. With the recent launch of Apple Watch, the company has added another device to their brand.The Casetify Apple Watch band can be bought with any print design. It’s available for 38 and 42 mm Apple Watch sizes. You can customize Casetify’s bands with […]