OneNote For Mac – Navigation, Features, And Ease Of Use

Using Microsoft products on your Mac computer or device may seem like heresy for some users. But, Microsoft has done a great job providing an excellent platform for note-taking, sharing, and synching all your notes across devices – Mac, iPad, and iPhone.  Plus, it’s all free to use. Quick Navigation What Exactly Is OneNote For Mac?Navigating […]

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Find The WiFi Password On Mac

Modern life follows the ebb and flow of WiFi currents, our link to the digital world and the web. We feel lost when we lose our connection to WiFi. Suddenly, email sits unread in our inbox and information waits just out of reach. Games idle while waiting for someone to play. Life continues, as you sit […]

Adobe Flash Player Mac For Beginners: Installation And Updates

Have you ever browsed the Internet on your Mac, only to come across a website that doesn’t seem to work? If alerts flash across the screen, letting you know a plugin is missing, you may need Adobe Flash Player. Websites with video or animated graphics often use the Adobe Flash application. The problem is, ever since […]

Everything You Need To Know On How To AirDrop From Mac To iPhone

AirDrop is one of the coolest, and most underused, features on Mac and iPhone.With AirDrop, you can wirelessly send almost anything from your Mac or iPhone to another device with AirDrop when devices are in proximity to each other. Photos are an obvious choice for sharing, but with AirDrop you can also share a website, […]

Where To Download Excel For Mac: Features And Different Purchase Options

Many Mac users love Microsoft Excel for Mac. Excel is a critical tool for businesses and students all over the world.Excel, an electronic spreadsheet, is where offices and companies keep their most useful data like finances and inventory. The paper ledger books used in the past for accounting and orders are now kept in databases […]

Complete Guide On How To Delete Apple ID And Create A New One

Face it: You have more online accounts than you can really manage. This includes the ones you use all the time like Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon. Others used less often may be a travel app for a particular destination or a one-off purchase at a shopping site. You don’t give any of these much thought until […]

How Does Visual Studio For Mac Work? Top IDE For Developers

If you want to create games, mobile apps, or interactive websites, you might want to try Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac.This robust IDE software can help you manage your programming code and debug your application while developing it. And that is just the beginning.If you are a new developer with an Apple desktop and you […]

Top 12 Best Note Taking Apps For Mac And iPhone: Great Technical Features

Looking for the best note taking app for Mac, iPhone, or iPad? Before the prevalence of tablets, laptops, and smart phones, most college students took notes using a pen or pencil and a notepad. If you can write fast, or even better yet, know shorthand, this is a good way to take notes. And some people […]

How To Delete Photos From iCloud Permanently: Is There Permanent Deletion?

Do you want to how to delete photos from iCloud? Are you concerned that your photos will be stored on Apple’s iCloud servers forever? This article will cover these two topics: First, how to delete photos from iCloud, and second, the issue of permanent deletion from the cloud. Quick Navigation How to Delete Photos from […]