5 Best Calendar Apps for Mac to Manage Your Schedule

Technology was supposed to make us work less, but it turns out we just do more work, more efficiently. What does this mean for the average person? A tightly packed work and a social calendar full of meetings, projects, dinners, birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and a million social engagement we just can’t seem to say […]

The Fastest Way to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

The photos and videos in your phone are in some ways more valuable than gold. One picture of a precious memory has been lost, it’s gone. There’s no recreating youth, no revisiting a child’s first steps, no traveling back to Rome or Paris or New York with spending an inconceivable amount of money and time. […]

How to Sync Messages from iPhone to Mac, Step by Step

One of the greatest things about owning both a MacBook and an iPhone is the fact that you can sync them and use them both as one unitary device. For instance, you can sync the messages on your phone to appear on your Mac, which is extremely convenient if you want to view or answer […]

Top 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

If you’re the proud owner of a MacBook, then you’re already used to the fact that this type of computer is designed in such a way as to allow you easy access to the most important things you need, and make everything as user-friendly as possible. One of the things that make it so easy […]

What to Ask Siri? – 15 Funny and Serious Questions

Ideas on what to ask Siri, our steadfast personal assistant for over four years now, are never in short supply. Some answers never change, some not. Talk about a surrogate of a relationship. That being said, the developers at Apple go out of their way to make sure that Siri will always surprise us at […]

Best Mac Keyboard: Quirky, Practical, or Stylish?

Your old Mac keyboard just isn’t cutting it anymore? Are you out searching for the best Mac keyboard out there? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve been searching for one too, and we’re here to show you exactly what you can expect from a Mac keyboard. If you didn’t know, there are really a lot […]

How to modify System Integrity Protection in El Capitan

Just in case it prevents an app to work, you should know how to modify System Integrity Protection in El Capitan. If you don’t know by now, El Capitan, Apple’s new OS X, has a cool feature called SIP – System Integrity Protection. It’s the same thing as rootless mode. Considering that Macs, and basically […]

The Best Mac Accessories Available Right Now!

The LureOfMac team decided it was time to talk about the best Mac accessories that you can buy right now – affordable products that don’t sacrifice quality. By comparison, the marketplace today for Mac accessories has doubled since 2005. In the past 10 years we’ve witnessed a ton of new Mac third-party products be released, but not all […]

The Official Elgato Game Capture HD60 Review by Lure Of Mac

In the recent years, video gaming became a lot more social, as multiplayer, voice chat and game streaming started letting users share their gaming experiences with strangers and friends online. Live streaming game footages required a lot of power; in fact, it required so much power that consoles needed the assistance of a computer to […]

What Do The First Reviews Have To Say About The Apple Watch?

Press members have gotten their hands on the Apple Watches, that run on near complete versions on Watch OS. A few sites have shared their first impressions and opinions on the new gadgets. Below you can read what do the first reviews have to say about the Apple Watch? Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo has tested […]