The Best 10 Apps for Your Mac

Choosing the right apps for your Mac can be a not-so-easy job, especially considering how many new apps come out each month. This is our personal take on what the best 10 apps for your Mac might be, especially if you’re curious about the newer ones. If you’ve just recently bought a new Mac and […]

7 Great New Games for Macs

Are you a gamer? Do you own a Mac? Then you don’t need us to tell you how game-changing (pun not intended) the past few years have been in this respect. Apple has been putting out increasingly good hardware, they launched Steam, and optimized the App store so that, often enough, the only thing standing […]

New iPhone 6 Leaked Photos: Check out the Redesign!

It’s certainly not the first time we’re blogging about iPhone 6 rumors – and we’re willing to bet it won’t be the last, as the excitement builds toward the release of yet another brilliant smartphone from Apple. The difference with the latest iPhone 6 leaked photos is that they’ve managed to work their way into […]

4 Lesser-Known Visual Functions on Macs

Visually speaking, there’s no comparing Macs and PC and that’s almost a given fact. And even beyond how great everything tends to look on an Apple computer, there are also some lesser-known visual functions on Macs that can significantly improve your Mac visual experience. Check out our four favorite such tips and tricks below. See […]

Top 5 Tricks for Mac Newbies

All right, so you just got a Mac and you absolutely love it – are we right, or are we right? Cool, join the club. But before your enthusiasm dies out and fades away, let’s stop and take a look at the 5 coolest tricks for Mac newbies. These are genuinely awesome things that we’re […]

iPhone 5C or iPhone Case: That Is the Question

Those remotely interested in all things Apple and iPhone are already well aware of the relatively poor sales figures of the company’s first foray into affordable smartphone territory. iPhone 5C sales are not stellar by a long shot and many industry analysts have been hard at work, trying to figure out what the root cause […]

iPhone 6 Prototype Pictures Leaked – Real or Fake?

Are you the type of Apple fan that gets overly excited at the prospect of leaked photos of alleged prototypes for upcoming devices – or are you so blasé about it that you couldn’t be bothered to care any less? Whichever category you might subscribe to, we here at Lure of Mac felt it was […]

iPhone Video Celebrates 30 Years of Mac Computers

Last week, Apple made it a point to hold an anniversary for the Mac computer’s 30th year in existence. We also covered the event, which was accompanied by several special features on the official Apple website. There was an anniversary video, a heart-warming message, as well as a visual timeline of the device, and now […]

The Future of Apple Products & Services: 10 Predictions on Mac’s 30th Anniversary

30 years ago today, the first ever Macintosh computer was launched. In celebration of this anniversary, Apple posted a tribute to the computer on its website, and created the video which we also feature below – an overview of the past 30 years the company has spent innovating. To celebrate and emulate this ethos of […]

7 Ways to Remove Pointless Junk off Your Mac Computer

You may think your Mac machine is a lean data-processing mechanism – and, in part, you’re right. The other part of this truth is that there’s also quite a lot of data you may want to remove. It doesn’t have to be complicated to speed up your machine, if you know where the problem lies […]