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Top 13 iPhone Wallpaper Websites – Where to Find the Best Images

Not sure where to find that perfect iPhone wallpaper? Let’s spare you the time and hassle of going through all of the search engine’s findings and take you directly to the source. Top 13 iPhone Wallpaper Websites Here are the coolest iPhone wallpaper websites which aim to brighten up your screen: 1.      Poolga.com Poolga was […]

AT&T iPhone Trade In – Is it Worth It?

The AT&T iPhone trade in program is aimed at the customers of all wireless cellular carriers (most major companies have a similar program) that, at least on the surface, sounds very appealing. We mean, you already pay a monthly fee to your provider, just have your old device evaluated and you get an offer for […]

IPhone 7 Concept – All the Rumored Features

The iPhone 7 concept has fueled a host of speculations. We are all looking for the next best thing, the rumors are flowing at a rapid pace, and the bloggers concerned with gadgets have already laid out several designs for how the latest iPhone might look and work. The only certainty that is upon us […]

iPhone 6C – Truth or just Fantasy?

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? It seems the iPhone 6C is no longer underway. Instead, expected sometime around March 22, the iPhone 5se will probably make its appearance and awestrike all us Apple lovers with its beauty. But what of the iPhone 6C rumors? What are the confirmed iPhone 5se specs? […]

iCloud Backup Guide: Why and How to?

Storing stuff up in your iCloud Backup is one of the most important parts of owning an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Either of these devices become crucial to your existence once you buy them, so it’s only natural that you would want to save your important data with the iCloud backup service. We’re here to […]

Record on iPhone: Keeping Track of Your Calls

Ever wanted a button for record on iPhone? Important phone calls often need to be recorded. And if you’re lucky to be from one of the states in which that’s not illegal, you’ll probably be doing this soon. Why soon? Well, you could, of course, do this now, but the apps that are out there […]

How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Gmail

Ever wondered if you could sync contacts from iPhone to Gmail? Ah, the convenience of interconnectivity! We live in an age where we can’t escape it. You open up your phone and you see your Facebook friends in your contacts. You open up your computer and you see the photos you just took pop up […]

iPhone 7 – the Almost Confirmed Rumors

We do hope that the wait for the iPhone 7 is almost over. A lot of people may be asking ‘when does the new iPhone come out?’ We have faith that the new announcement of the iPhone 7 is just around the corner. That Apple has managed to decide on some ideas. Also that they’re […]

Best LifeProof iPhone 6 Cases

Looking for that extra feel of security that LifeProof iPhone 6 cases give you? Look no further. We’re here to talk about which one best fits you, your job, and how you can’t really go on in life without an iPhone 6 LifeProof case. The following cases will be ranked in no particular order. However, […]

Cool Siri Tricks You Didn’t Know She Can Do

Apple’s Siri is constantly on the lookout for ways in which it can increase its user interactions and it’s easy to lose touch with all the cool new updates that have been added over time. So we’ve decided to present you with a few cool Siri tricks you didn’t know she (or he) can do. […]