The Best & Most Creative Drawing Apps for Any iPad

Tablets have revolutionized the way artists use digital media, and no product has been more cutting edge than the Apple iPad. The attention to detail, combined with the natural user interface and easy-to-use operating system, has created the perfect tool for creating handmade digital drawings. This system has created the perfect storm for app developers […]

Is the Bass Worth the Buck? Beat Studio 2 Review

Wireless headphones don’t have to have low-quality sound. We compare some top wireless headphones in our Beat Studio 2 review to offer you a selection of wireless headphones with the highest quality sound. What Is the Beats Studio 2?Beats Studio 2 headphones are fashionable wireless headphones with RemoteTalk for connectivity with Siri using Apple devices. […]

How To Delete Unwanted iCloud Backup Storage Anytime

image via: pixabay.comIf you’re like a lot of folks, then you probably don’t want to pay a subscription fee to have all your digital stuff stored in the cloud. You only get 5GB free from Apple, so of course you want to conserve as much of that as possible. Or perhaps you did fork over […]

The History Of Apple: 40 Years Of Innovation That Changed The World

Do you want to know about the history of Apple? It is actually pretty interesting. Read on to find out everything you didn’t think you wanted to know.