Is Avast for Mac Really Free?

Is Avast for Mac free? Well, yes and no. There is a free version. There is also a paid version. What’s the difference? Most digital products today come with a free doppelganger to show customers the value in the paid-for product. Bloggers offer a free e-book to get people to subscribe to their email list. […]

Adobe Flash Player for Mac

You’re surfing on the internet, trying to enjoy a video, or play an educational game with your child, or maybe even use a financial website you need for work and you hit the inevitable snag – “Flash Not Detected,” or “Please Enable Adobe Flash Player,” or “Could Not Find Adobe Flash Player on Your Computer.” […]

How to Install and Use CCleaner for Mac: 11 Steps

CCleaner is a great program that you can install on your Mac and use to clean Web browsers, files you don’t need any longer, system applications, OSX features, and so on. Basically, it’s a tool that can help you keep your Mac clean and organized. Today’s guide is all about installing CCleaner for Mac and […]

How to Clean Up Other Storage on Mac: 5 Easy Ways

In case you didn’t know it yet, your Mac has an Other storage category that normally shouldn’t concern you, but that you can choose to clean up if you need extra space on your computer. Basically, this category is made up of plug-ins, caches, and documents that your OSX stores. The files can’t harm your […]

SEO Powersuite: Is it Really the Best SEO Software?

SEO PowerSuite is a search engine optimization software that helps your websites increase their usability and rank high in search engines. It’s comprised of 4 SEO programs: Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and Link Assistant. Collectively, they will help you improve your rankings, generate traffic, increase sales, and ultimately, grow your business. Here’s everything […]

Best Cloud Backup for Mac – How to Keep Your Data Safe

Below, you’ll find the best cloud backup for Mac. Disasters can happen any day – whether it is a hard drive fail or your computer gets stolen or destroyed in an accident. Because of this, it is important to use cloud backup, also called online backup, to make sure you won’t lose important files and […]

SMC Reset – Why, When and How

Performing an SMC reset on a Mac is not something that should be done lightly and, in this post, we’ll cover the why’s, the when’s and the how’s of resetting the System Management Controller on a Mac computer that is Intel-powered.

Lync for Mac, an Imperative of Corporate Communication

Microsoft Lync for Mac is a client aimed predominantly at corporate Mac users that mean to engage in instant messaging and voice communication, alongside video conferencing. The software operates through Microsoft’s Skype for Business Server (the old Microsoft Lync Server). It comes in the form of a computer program, mobile application and also as a […]

Task Manager Mac Version – Do We Have One?

There’s a big if in front of this one. The answer to whether or not we have a task manager Mac version comes down to what you actually used the Windows version of Task Manager for to begin with. It’s true that there are many possible uses to the Task Manager. It’s also true that […]

Activity Monitor for Mac – How to Use It

Mac users rejoice – there is hope for reducing the load on your computer! It’s called the Activity Monitor for Mac and it can do so many things, it can give the standard, ctrl-alt-delete Task Manager of Windows computers a run for its money. Yet how do you use this feature on a Mac? What […]