What is MacKeeper

Image source: mac-reviews.net If your Mac is acting slowly and crashes all the time, chances are that you have installed an app called MacKeeper. So, what is MacKeeper and what does the software actually do? Zeobit originally developed MacKeeper some years ago and sold it to another company called Kromtech. The software claimed it contained several […]

10 Best Photo Editing Software for Mac Computers

We are all currently living in the era of technology when it comes to pretty much anything. Whether you are part of a beginners group of photographers or photography editors or just want to see what the world still has to offer in terms of Photo Editing Software, then here are some ideas. Many of […]

Is the New Mac Pro Worth the Investment?

First of all, the New Mac Pro, Apple’s high-end desktop, is not to be confused with the MacBook Pro. It is the bigger, more powerful sibling of the iMac and Mac Mini which was supposedly designed for a different audience. Have you ever thought of purchasing a Mac Pro for yourself? It’s always a good […]

The Best Antivirus for Mac: Your 2014 Options

As a Mac user, you’re probably interested in having the best of the best for your computer, and that goes as far as wanting every last program within your computer to be neat and efficient and, simply put, the best choice. Unfortunately, as we all know, choosing an efficient and appropriate program can get confusing, […]

New Apple Web Tool to Deregister Phone Numbers from iMessage Launched

Last week, Apple released a new web tool that is going to help users who make the switch from their iPhones to a non-Apple device. The Apple web tool to deregister phone numbers from iMessage has been eagerly awaited by all former iPhone users who were experiencing problems with sending and receiving text messages to […]

The Skype for Mac Guide – 2014

We absolutely love Skype for Mac here at Lure of Mac! Skype was the first cool program to bring free video calling to computers, Macs, and laptops. In today’s article we’re going to give you a short Skype for Mac guide that will teach you what you need to know about Skype for Macs. Skype […]

5 Popular Mac Antivirus Software Programs

Last week we talked about the Clean My Mac software program that is designed to clean up your Mac computer and make it run smoother than ever. Now, we’re going to take a look at Mac antivirus software programs. Apple says that Mac don’t need antivirus software programs to protect them from viruses because Macs […]

All about the Clean My Mac Software

All about the Clean My Mac Software Last week we recommended you 7 free video editing software of Mac OS X and today it’s time we told you how to take better care of your iMacs, Macbook Airs, Macbook Pros and Mac Pros, because Macs aren’t going to take care of themselves! Have you ever […]

Top 7 Free Video Editing Software for Mac

A while back we wrote about 5 things you had no idea your Mac could do which got a lot more hits than we expected. Following that article, we’ve received so many requests about recommending the best video editing software for Macs that we finally cave in and pulled together a list of the 7 […]

How to Install Microsoft Office for Mac

In the shadow of all the recent excitement caused by Apple at its 9th of September event and its wonderful announcement of good things yet to come, we just realized that it’s been a while since we shared some practical Mac tips with you. As much as the latest Apple news have been overwhelming and […]