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Posted on March 30, 2013 Written by Sophia Smith

Mac owners usually have two choices when it comes to system utility software programs that can keep their Macs humming along at top speed. One is an all-in-all, multi-module program called MacKeeper (Strongly NOT Recommended due to various reasons) while the other is a more lightweight, but extremely useful program called CleanMyMac 2. We will review CleanMyMac 2 now.

What does CleanMyMac 2 do?

Clean up junk instantly

Well, as the name obviously suggests, you can use the program to remove a LOT of junk with just a couple of mouse clicks. CleanMyMac minces through cache dumps, logs, half dead applications, unnecessary language files and redundant binary files that do nothing but occupy hard disk space, space that you could otherwise use for your movies, music, photos or whatever it is that you would like to store on your computer.


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All this reduced junk means that your hard disk runs faster which in turn allows you to run your Mac faster!

Uninstall programs

A lot of amateur Mac users think that merely deleting a program’s install folder is enough to completely eliminate the program from their Mac. The fact of the matter is that a software application can have files and folders in more than 10 different locations, with only an uninstaller being able to remove all traces of that program. In fact, manually deleting program files can actually slow down your Mac as it searches for files that you have deleted, each time the registry calls upon the program.

CleanMyMac 2 has a great uninstaller and it does a pretty amazing job of helping you remove applications with a simple drag and drop action, without having you to manually pick out files and folders, to delete.

Helps speed up your Mac

Besides freeing up space, CleanMyMac 2 can also speed up your Mac. The improvement to the speed of your Mac, after running a CleanMyMac clean, will depend on how well or how badly you have maintained files and applications on your Mac, in the time that you have used it. If you have never really optimized your Mac, like the millions of Mac users out there, a simple cleanup with CleanMyMac can make your Mac refreshingly faster, especially when it comes to boot up times, application opening times and internet access times. This module is also particularly useful if you have teenagers/kids in your home, using your Mac to download lots of applications that they use just once or twice.


Results with a scan – Our CleanMyMac 2 review

Here’s what happened when we ran CleanMyMac 2 on one of our not so well maintained Macs. We selected all the options that can be removed by the program; cache, log files, language files, system junk, trash leftovers and binaries and hit the start button. Within just a couple of minutes, CleanMyMac 2 informed up that it had freed up just over 8GB of hard disk space. Considering that we have a 32GB hard disk, the amount of newly available space was quite impressive. Don’t worry about the program deleting stuff that you want. It will always prompt you about deleting things, before asking for confirmation to do so.

After we ran the cleanup, we also noticed that the Mac booted up faster, maybe faster by about 35%-45%.

All in all, for a program that is free to download and trial and costing just $15 for six months, CleanMyMac is definitely a strong recommend from us. You can install CleanMyMac with this link here.

Here’s a full list of features that Clean My Mac 2 has to offer.

  • Full Scan – If you haven’t cleaned up your Mac’s files and folders in a long time, this is a fantastic feature that will crawl through every little inch of your hard disk, to find junk that you don’t need at all. It is amazing how much space and speed this full scan can produce, when you run Clean My Mac 2 for the first time.
  • Automatic Cleanup – After Clean My Mac 2 runs, it will suggest an automatic cleanup. An automatic cleanup will allow you to press just one button, to clear up GBs and GBs of rubbish, without having to check if files are important or not. Clean My Mac 2′s algorithm is so good that there is NO chance of you deleting something that you need, even by mistake
  • Manual Cleanup – If you have large personal files that you haven’t touched in years, like movie folders or photo folders, Clean My Mac will show them to you, giving you an option to manually delete them or just continue to keep them
  • System Cleanup – Just one click can rid your Mac of useless system generated junk like system logs, development junk, user log files, system cache files and unnecessary binary files
  • iPhoto Cleanup – This is a fantastic feature that lets you use just one click to delete duplicate images and also delete images that you cropped, re-sized or rotated, when trying to edit your photo collection. You have the option to run a scan on your entire Mac or just select certain image folders to clean up
  • Trash Cleanup – A lot of people don’t understand that just because a file is trashed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is out of hte computer. Clean My Mac 2′s trash cleanup will permanently delete trash in seconds. A lot of people don’t know it but Clean My Mac 2, on an average, cleans out about 10GB in hard disk space, removing trash!
  • Uninstaller – With just a few clicks, you can permanently, completely and comprehensively uninstall applications that are useless, simply catching dust on your hard disk
  • Extensions Manager – Clean My Mac 2′s great user interface will allow you to manage and clean up various extensions like plugins, preference panes, widgets and even login items, with the most minimal of efforts!


So, that was our Clean My Mac 2 review. We definitely recommend  Clean My Mac 2 as a great system utility software for macs and definitely recommend it over MacKeeper. Download your copy of Clean My Mac 2from this link and get rid of all the junk on your mac, in just about 10 minutes or so!

Clean My Mac

Written by: Sophia Smith

Date Published: 02/07/2013 5 / 5 stars

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