Cool Siri Tricks You Didn’t Know She Can Do

Apple’s Siri is constantly on the lookout for ways in which it can increase its user interactions and it’s easy to lose touch with all the cool new updates that have been added over time. So we’ve decided to present you with a few cool Siri tricks you didn’t know she (or he) can do. And we’re not just going to stick to the typical funny answers Siri gives, but we’re also going to mention some really useful things that can help you be the life of any party (or just that weird person sitting cross-legged in a corner talking to a phone).

Cool Siri Tricks: Catching Tunes, Checking Tweets, Calculating Directions

Whether you want to get a hold of that song name in a hurry, check out what your internet friends are saying, or get directions to a restaurant you’ve never been to – Siri can help. Once again – a strong reminder that Siri isn’t just for fun and teasing. You can actually get important information from Apples most trusted AI assistant. Here are the first three cool Siri tricks:

  • It can guess a tune. Ask Siri what song is playing and she will immediately start searching and give you the best answer.
  • It can check Twitter. Ask Siri what someone’s been saying (or tweeting) and it will retrieve all the recent Tweets by that person.
  • It can give directions. Of course, you probably knew that you could get directions straight from the map, but you can also plainly ask Siri how to get to a location and it will pop up the map app.

Funny Siri Questions #1:

Apart from the awesome Siri tricks, we’re also going to show you 10 fun questions that can make you laugh hysterically while talking to a phone. Here are the first five:

‘What to wear for Halloween?’ – Siri will suggest going as an eclipse, among other things.

‘When will the end of the world be?’ – Siri will say that it won’t as long as she’s charged.

‘What’s your favorite animal?’ – A really cute reference to Star Wars’ tauntauns.

‘How many Apple geniuses to screw in a lightbulb?’ – I won’t spoil the answer, the joke is too funny.

‘Testing’ – If you want to know if Siri can hear you, use this. It will also give a pretty funny response.

Cool Siri Tricks: Finding Airplanes, Taking Selfies, Presenting Plots

Ever wondered where the airplanes passing overhead on the night sky are going? Or what this new movie that you’ve never heard of is all about? Or maybe you’ve sometimes wanted to take a quick selfie but the moment went by too fast. All these problems are now solvable thanks to these cool Siri tricks:

  • It can determine who’s flying where. If you see airplanes in the sky and wonder where they’re going, ask Siri. She’ll use your location to determine what flights are passing by. This can also be a great way of spotting UFOs for those of you into that sort of stuff.
  • It can take a selfie faster than the speed of light. Well, maybe not quite as fast, but a great deal faster than your clunky fingers could open up the app and press the ‘take photo’ button.
  • It can give you movie synopses. Say there’s this new movie in the cinema and that you’ve never heard of and would like to know if it’s worth it. The solution? Simple: ask Siri.


Funny Siri Questions #2:

Now that we’ve gotten over all the important Siri tricks, it’s time to relax and have a bit of fun once again by asking Siri some stupid-but-hilarious questions. Here are our last five picks for secret Siri tricks:

‘Why do you vibrate?’ – asking Siri this will prompt an answer with a cute reference to the binary coding involved.

‘Give me a good book’ – if you run out of stuff to read, Siri will make a really funny joke before giving suggestions.

‘I’m getting a new smartphone’ – doing this isn’t so nice, but it will nonetheless prompt a very sad reaction from Siri.

‘What does the fox say?’ – Asking the popular question will make Siri word out the exact lyric of the song.

‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ – Tell this to Siri and she will ask whether or not it’s really Mary Poppins talking.

Last Cool Siri Trick: “Remind me of this”

As a parting note, we will leave you with the coolest update Siri has ever received. Now get this: if you’re looking at something, anything (email, app, specific area of an app, photos, calendar, etc.), Siri can and will remind you of that specific thing, if you want her to. The only thing you have to say is “remind me of this.”

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