The Most Exciting iPhone 6 Leaks

We’re surely excited about all the good stuff which Apple is about to release soon and we know you are too. The newest iPhone is all the rave currently and there are plenty of rumors and leaks about how it will be and what its main features will be able to accomplish. The only thing that poses a bit of competition for the public’s attention is the new iWatch, scheduled for a release around the same time as the new smartphone, which is, according to all sources, sometime in the fall of 2014 (which is in a few months from now). With such a big release on the way for the Apple industry, there are a lot of rumors flying around, as it was to be expected. But what is true and what is not among these rumors and what are the key points worthy to be taken into account? We’ve gathered the most exciting iPhone 6 leaks around the tech hubs and will present them to you in an attempt to summarize today’s hot topic.

If there was any doubt about the current trends in technology, which could be summarized as wider and wider screen and slimmer and slimmer body, the next iPhone will confirm them for good. There are currently rumors for two sizes of iPhone (4.7 inches and 5.5. inches) and there’s even a rumor that both versions will be released this year with a couple of months gap, but the only sure thing is that the new gadget will definitely be big. Considering that the versions of iPhone 5 proved to be very little different than previous models, there was a lot of pressure on the iPhone 6. That, as well as the competition that needed to be taken into account (especially the new Samsung Galaxy), makes for the necessity to give the new iPhone a screen to be remember, so the rumors are very plausible in this respect.

It’s pretty sure it seems: we will be having soon the biggest iPhone and the biggest smartphone in gadget history so far, in just a few more months (September seems most likely). At least this is what most of the iPhone leaks so far are suggesting. We know many of you were already expecting it to be launched sometime in 2013 and were let down when that didn’t happen as rumored, but that’s precisely the reason why there’s no doubt about the launch date this time, since it would be way too disappointing for it to get postponed twice.

Changes and features in the new iPhone 6

The new smartphone is highly anticipated and one of the reasons for that, beyond the size of its display, is the fact that inside sources leaked a major revision of the iPhone, including the entire design, with the release of this model. Another exciting piece of info released by an inside source suggests that with such big screen(s), the new iPhone(s) will also have an astonishing resolution: a new pixel-tripling technology will allow a resolution as high as 1704 X 960. We know that’s not really HD all the way yet, but it’s as close as a smartphone ever got to that, so it’s still pretty impressive.

Another interesting speculation, based on the current patents being recently released, is that the new iPhone will allow uses to enjoy  flexible wraparound display, but that is most probably something reserved for the farther models, like iPhone 7 or even more likely, number 8. The only certainty so far is that the smartphone released in a few months from now will have a record-breaking big screen, will be astonishingly slim, and will also have a slightly curved display. All in all, things are looking pretty good, and the more exciting the iPhone 6 leaks get, the more anxious we all get for the official launch.

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