Facebook Introduces a New “Read It Later” Feature for iOS and Desktop

Good news for all Facebook fans among you Mac users; which pretty much means good news for everyone here, since the social networking site seems to be such a huge hit with everybody, Mac user or not. The leading position which Facebook holds in its niche is pretty clear, but in addition to being the most popular social networking site in the world, it also attempted to expand in adjacent niches as well. That is what buying What’s App was all about: trying to achieve a bigger slice from the mobile internet market as well. This time, the market which Facebook is trying to break into is the one for Macs, and today’s release might just bring it closer to doing so.

Today, the 21st of July, it has been announced that Facebook launched a new “Save” feature for iOS and Desktop which allows users to save all sorts of items in order to read them later. The feature is incorporated into the Facebook version for iOS and the Facebook version for desktops. With it, the users can save links, movies, music, TV shows, and places and so on, in order to re-view them into more detail later. This is great especially since, as we all know, we can’t really look at all the things we’d like to right away during the day. As a matter of fact, it’s probably a shame that the new feature hasn’t been introduced for all versions of Facebook anywhere.

Of course, if people truly want to collect various pieces of content in order to review them later, there’s always the option of using a content curation cloud-style tool, but having a basic one incorporated directly into your Facebook is surely more comfortable. This Facebook “Save” feature for iOS and Desktop was the most recent addition to the apps available in the Mac world, after the previous similar announcement concerning VirusTotal Uploader.

The way the save-for-later feature for iOS and Desktop works is like this: you tap the small arrow in the top right corner of any post (right where the option to stop following certain sources of content is also stored) and that’s where you find the option to save the content you want for later. Next, when you want to open it all up for a detailed check-out, you just open the “More” tab for mobile, or you click the link on the left hand side of Facebook for web. A list of saved items should appear and you’ll be able to enjoy the stuff previously dropped in storage earlier. You can take a glance at how it all works in the picture inserted above.

The new feature for iOS and Desktop also has some useful sub-features which you can employ to sort the saved content better. Each saved item is can be browsed by category and you can swipe directly on each item to share it with the world, or to move it into your archive if it wasn’t that interesting after all. Even more, Facebook will help the users not lose track of their saved content by sending them reminders within their news feeds.

Since today, the new Facebook feature for iOS and Desktop will be fully functional and ready to be downloaded from the App Store for free. A major partnership like this between two IT giants can sometimes lead to a not so pleasing result of market monopoly (by eliminating the small and middle companies which deal in the same services), but we have a feeling that this news is of the best kind. Facebook was already immensely popular with its users, and this new feature for iOS and Desktop is just making it all easier to access for everyone.

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