Apple iWatch Release Date, Features, and Specs

Apple has now decided to rebrad its Apple iWatch as the name of its brand new smart watch accessory. The Apple iWatch release date is currently set for April this year. But, we’ll see if it gets bumped back. So, there are only a couple of months left to wait for the new Apple product.

Given the fact that this watch will be the first wearable available from Apple, a lot of thought has been given to the concept of the smart watch and companies from all around the world have worked together to make the watch stand out from its competition.

Read on for the Details on the Apple iWatch Release Date, Features, and Specs

One of the things that is a bit sketchy when it comes to the Apple iWatch is whether or not people will actually be attracted by it. Probably some of you still remember when the iPod first came out the market. There were not a lot of people interested in the iPod back when it was released because it was a totally new concept and people had to think if they actually needed it. Of course, everyone knows by now that the iPod’s story was successful and everybody grew loving the gadget but what will be the story of the watch?

First of all, here are six features that come along Apple’s smart watch that look pretty cool.

1. Communication

This watch can communicate with your iPhone, iPod or Mac and do what no other watch has ever done. With your new smart watch you can play music, surf through pictures on your other Apple devices, watch movies and stream music through Apple TV and iTunes. Apple has started to design the Apple iWatch with the assumption that everyone who wants to own one, already owns another Apple device, otherwise, the features on the watch are not that different.

2. Maps

Google Maps will be available straight on the display of your watch and you can choose to use it either by touching the display or by using the digital crown. One of Apple’s innovations on the recently discovered market of smart watches is their small, round button on the side of the watch which is called the digital crown. The design of both the button and the watch are heavily influenced by traditional watches but although Apple chose a traditional design, they added functionality to every piece of their smart watch. You can use the side button to slide through the Google Maps app and the digital crown to zoom in and zoom out.

3. Events

The watch comes with its own built in calendar which offers you the ability to set up events and reminders straight from your wrist. You no longer have to get your phone out of your pocket or take it with you everywhere to be reminded of everything you have to do during a day. A small tap on the back of your wrist will let you know that your smart watch is on to something and you have to be somewhere.

4. Siri

“Hey Siri” is incorporated in the new Apple products as well as in their iPhones. Although the voice command service provided by Apple has received mixed reviews along the way, it is certainly something innovating when it comes to the design of a watch. You simply have to “speak” to your Apple iWatch as you would normally would with your iPhone and ask Siri for the nearest coffee shop, about what new events will be happening around your area or ask her to call your mother. Siri is even more accessible on the watch than on your iPhone.

5. News

You can know everything that happens around the world just by looking at your wrist as the watch can keep you posted on business stocks, the weather or international news. The smart watch is even set to automatically adjust the time zone if you are travelling overseas.

6. Apple Pay

Not long ago, Apple introduced a new way of paying for everything you love and want through Apple Pay. This service will also be available on the watch as well and it will allow you to pay at different stops and shops using only your wrist. Although many people chose not to use this service as it may seem a bit sketchy security-wise, Apple has always given a lot of thought when it comes to the security of their servers.

Alongside these features, the watch will also be able to be exactly what its name suggests it should be, a watch. You will be able to tell the time at any given point and customize your display as you would with the display of your smartphone.

Android and Apple are the current two giants in the world of smartphones and they are still in competition with each other so do not expect your watch to work with any Android smartphone. Although Apple was thinking of incorporating a system which would have allowed the user to keep track of their activity and body stats in their watch, it seems that the technology is not advanced enough yet to be made to work.

If you are one of those people who are still wondering whether or not the world needs smart watches, you will probably have to try it before giving your opinion on the matter. As smart phones are starting to get bigger and wider by the minute, at some point you will find yourself wanting to carry around something lighter. The watch not only looks good but it will be available in three versions – Apple iWatch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. It is also a small and easy to use device which is designed to remain small and functional.

The price for the Apple iWatch is set to start from $349 and this will probably be the starting price for the Sport edition. Apple Watch Sport will be available with durable bands in different colors. The watch will have stainless steel cases and bands you can choose from and the Apple Watch Edition will have 18 karat gold cases available in yellow and rose. The price for the deluxe Edition is believed to reach almost $5,000.

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