Free Up Hard Disk Space On Your Mac with Gemini Software

No matter how carefully you use your Mac, you are always going to have duplicate files and folders. While it may not seem to be much of a problem in the beginning, over time, your Mac can start to suffer from having a lot of duplicate files and folders. This is because the performance of your Mac is dependent on the amount of free space found in your hard drive.

Moreover, having a lot of duplicate files on your hard disk leads to a disorganized computer with you not knowing which file or folder to edit, update or delete.

Manually deleting these duplicate folders and files can take an eternity as you will first have to find the duplicates, check if they are indeed duplicates and then delete them one by one, carefully, so as to not delete both versions of a file that you might have.

Fighting the duplicate program with automation

However, with a program called Gemini, a best selling program released by MacPaw, you can now delete duplicates with just a couple of clicks, in seconds, without having to manually review anything. Gemini is very highly reviewed by the Apple community. Actually, it was listed in the list of best Mac apps for the year 2012. MacPaw, the company behind Gemini is also the creator of Clean My Mac 2, a Mac system utility software that can optimize and tweak your Mac’s performance levels, to significant levels. Incidentally, Clean My Mac 2 also includes a very efficient duplicates finder although it also includes many other useful modules as well. Gemini retails for just $9.99 while Clean My Mac 2 retails for $39.99. You can learn more about Gemini, a very Mac duplicates remover program, in the following passages.


Find and delete duplicate files and folders on your Mac in seconds, with just one click! Download Gemini and use a FREE trial by clicking on the above picture

Gemini  – Duplicate Files and Folders On Your Mac Gone in a Jiffy!


  • Simple drag and drop allows you to scan and delete duplicate files and folders in just seconds
  • Scans your whole computer for duplicates in just seconds, even if you have a huge hard disk!
  • Always leaves one copy of the files and folders and only deletes duplicates
  • Excellent user interface allows you to know what exactly is going on in the program, when it is at work
  • Allows you to assign exclude lists so you can deliberately retain some duplicates, if you really want to
  • Can run duplicate scans and delete duplicates on external drives as well, not just your Mac’s internal disk
  • Visual tool will tell you how much space can be recovered by deleting which duplicate files or folders
  • Intelligent algorithm enabled scanner lets you find large duplicate files first, allowing you to prioritize cleanups
  • Can remove duplicate iTunes and iPhoto files, a must for almost any Mac user out there
  • Can also move duplicates to trash or delete them forever, however you wish

Gemini is available for a free trial, by using this download link here.

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