How Much Does MacKeeper Cost?

While there are many issues with the software we will talk about, its isn’t short of users. Macs have a sleek architecture behind their system which is also their main appeal over other operating systems. However, it does have its own weakness. Users have to polish their Macs periodically. Fortunately, there are several solutions to fix this annoyance. One of them is the very subject of our article today, namely MacKeeper. Macs make MacKeeper cost insignificantly giving its utility. Nonetheless, other products on the market might outshine this app.

However, before finding more about this product, a key aspect of it which can really make a difference in your decision process is its price tag. Therefore, find out if you can put up with all the features that are making MacKeeper cost so much and then you can learn more about this software.


The Constant Battle Between MacKeeper and Clean My Mac 2

MacKeeper was first developed by the guys from ZeoBit. However, they decided to pass it over to Kromtech in April 2013. As a utility software suite, it has a range of apps that are supposed to secure, optimize, and clean a Mac. Its core feature is Avira, a scanning engine that detects malware and keeps the equipment safe from cyber threats. The odd side of this product is that PC World designated Avira as a free app. Moving on, this software collection offers data recovery, backup, disk cleaning, and data erasing features as well.

Before we go any further into how MacKeeper is priced, we wish to tell you that Clean My Mac 2, a much better program than MacKeeper, is priced exactly the same as MacKeeper, therefore being a much better buy. You can read our Clean My Mac 2 review.

The reason why we recommend Clean My Mac 2 over MacKeeper is simply because MacKeeper has too many issues going on in terms of negative publicity. Read our full review of MacKeeper to find otu more about it. It has been called all kinds of names, with people labeling it spam, malicious software, and even junk, useless software. This party is usually encouraging Mac users to disable MacKeeper and show them how to uninstall it. Clean My Mac 2 however does not have any such problems and thus automatically becomes a strong recommend, especially since it is priced exactly like MacKeeper.

How Much Does MacKeeper Cost? Is It Worth It?

So, how much does MacKeeper cost? Now, coming back to our main subject, we feel that pricing is a bit unfair to say the least. While a single, basic, one year license seems to cost a very reasonable $39.95, one must understand that this price only gives them access to basic level of email support, even though that support offers 24/7 help. What good is support when you need to fix a problem in minutes but you have to wait a few hours or even a couple of business days to hear back from email support?

If you want more personalized and on-demand support, that would make MacKeeper cost $59.95 which will give you access to 2 MacKeeper licenses. This package will also enable customers to contact support on a 24/7 basis through email and live chat. The latter type of contact is a huge step up from email support. On the other hand, it doesn’t make any sense for a person to buy a two license package when they might have just one Mac. As a consequence, a simple wish such as getting priority support might come at a greater cost than it should.

Lastly, one can also buy the Premium MacKeeper package that costs $89.95, giving 3 MacKeeper licenses, 24/7 call support, 24/7 live chat support and 24/7 email support. Once again, this is a great if you really need MacKeeper for three Macs. Otherwise, you are just paying $50 for priority support which again doesn’t go down very well with us. As such,t he pricing system with all the features it comes might be a little confusing. This marketing strategy instills the idea that only consumers with multiple Macs are entitled to benefit from premium services.

Final Word

Once again, MacKeeper got some bad feedback. However, the ultimate decision is in your hands. This software can be a great fit for Mac users who are looking for a comprehensive gesolution for their equipment. On the other hand, Clean My Mac 2, as per our review, offers a safe, fair and much more efficient support plan, giving all customers equal priority, offering support through email or telephone calls through a toll free number. This makes MacKeeper cost seem pricier than at a first glimpse. In the end, it is just a matter of figuring out if you want to keep a reliable relationship with your utility software suite or not.

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