How to Burn a CD on iTunes?

Sometimes you really think that one of your tune collections is amazing. So amazing that it deserves to be put on a CD. But how to burn a CD on iTunes? Did you even know you can do that? Well, you can and it’s super simple. All you need are a few simple tips.

Luckily for you, we’re here with the supreme guide to how to burn a CD in iTunes. So the next time you get to thinking: “hey, I should really give this mix to Mary”, you’ll have the know-how needed to make that true. Forget about mixtapes and online music collections. Sometimes you just want to go back to the past and make a mix-CD. We’re going to show you how!


How to Burn a CD on iTunes in 5 Easy Steps

The following guide will show you exactly how to burn a CD on iTunes without the help of a professional IT worker. Here’s what you will need to get the job done:

  • A working computer or Mac.
  • To have iTunes installed on the respective device.
  • A writable CD.
  • The music that you want to write on it.

Step 1 – Open iTunes and Select Your Tunes

The obvious first step is to turn iTunes on. Simply enter the program and start listening to your favorite tunes. Making a mix-CD can be turned into an art. It all depends on the type of music that you have and how you can arrange it into a coherent mood-setting soundtrack. A few extra tips on how to make an awesome mix:

  • Never make excessive use of upbeat or downbeat songs. Try to incorporate both equally.
  • Aim for contrasts. Two or three dance tunes are nice, but mix a ballad in to spice things up.
  • Don’t feature more than two songs from the same band. Variety is key, make it interesting.
  • Try to include as many genres as possible. You can go from disco to country or from folk to rock.

After you’ve gotten an idea of a song, simply add it to a playlist and then move on.

Step 2 – Finish Up Your Playlist

This means arranging the songs in the precise order in which you want them. Be careful here of the limit of CDs. Most disks are limited to 650 MB. If you don’t want to do the basic addition of all the file sizes, that translates to about 12 songs. If the songs are smaller or lower in quality you can include up to 20 songs.

Step 3 – Burn the CD

Many users searching for how to burn a CD on iTunes have been baffled by the fact that they don’t see the “burn Playlist to Disk” option after they create said playlist. The problem here is that most of the online tutorials on how to burn a CD on iTunes forget to mention one small detail.

After you create the playlist, you have to insert the CD. Then, make sure the CD has been recognized by your computer. You will either be notified (provided your notifications for CDs are turned on), or you will have to go to your file explorer and look for it manually.

After you’ve made sure that the CD is writable, go back to iTunes. In iTunes, select the tunes that you have put into your new mix and drag them to the CD folder on the left side of your screen under all your other playlists. Click on the newly created playlist so that you only see the songs you selected. Check again to see if they are in order.

Lastly, to go to File and click on ‘burn playlist to Disk.”

Step 4 – Customize Burn Preferences

Before you click burn in the new window that pops up, you might want to check and see that all your options for how to burn a CD on iTunes are correct.

  • The disk burner device should be the one that has your CD (if you have multiple optics devices).
  • The preferred speed really depends on you. If you select a lower speed, it will take a bit more to complete, but the chance of a screw-up is significantly lower.
  • The disk format you want is an Audio CD.
  • You will also want to add a small gap between your songs. The gap should be as small as possible if the songs are supposed to go well together.
  • You can also burn an MP3 CD, which gives you the option to add more songs. Still, not all audio CD players can play MP3.

Step 5 – Burn and Finish Up

After going through the preferences, you can safely click on burn. The CD will now begin to be written. After it’s done, most burning software automatically eject it as well. If yours doesn’t, you can simply take it out yourself. Don’t forget to write My Mix #1 on it, so as to give it an authentic `90s feel. Store it in a small CD envelope so that it doesn’t get scratched.



This concludes our 5 step guide to how to burn a CD on iTunes. I bet you didn’t think it could be so complicated. Don’t forget to tell us what songs you used for your CD!

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