Complete Guide On How to Change Your iPhone Location

Follow our short, but complete guide on how to change your iPhone location. If you want to tell your Apple smartphone and your apps that you’re in a different place than you really are here’s the perfect method on how to do so.

There are a variety of reasons for not wanting to tell your iPhone the location you are really at. Some do it because of privacy reasons – the majority of apps can keep track of your location in the background without you even knowing that they do so. Also, taking photos will attach the location data by default.

Others just want to circumvent restrictions from particular streaming apps to either watch TV shows and movies or catch up on the latest football match.

Do you know that you can even fake your location in dating apps? Tinder, the most popular dating app, makes you pay if you want to change your location. Our way doesn’t require you to pay anything, but you will need to jailbreak your iPhone.

It’s a small price to pay if you want to trick everyone into thinking that you are on a small remote island somewhere near Jamaica. It’s a way to make your friends jealous of you sunbathing while they are battling the harsh and cold Minnesota winter.

Location and specific coordinates can be faked if you jailbreak your iPhone. Regardless of your motives, this is how to do it.

How to Change Your iPhone Location

There are several jailbreaks tips, tricks, and tweaks that can be downloaded from Cydia, which helps you change your location to anywhere on the planet. However, the easiest and intuitive tweak that I have ever used has to be LocationFaker.

1. Download LocationFaker

Firstly, how to download LocationFaker in Cydia? Just go to the Search tab located at the bottom and type LocationFaker then press search. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted with two versions:

  • LocationFaker (iOS 5,6,7)
  • LocationFaker (iOS 8 and 9)

Select whichever suits your iPhone and it will proceed to install.

As usual, after it’s installed, this app will appear on your home screen. Open it up so we can get started.

2. Open the App

Once opened, you’ll notice that LocationFaker will display your current area. You can drag the green pin around to change your whereabouts. It allows you to zoom in so you can be more precise when you fake your position.

No mom, look, I’m really at Tim Hortons enjoying a coffee and writing my project for school. Jimmy’s mom didn’t know that her son was really in the Bahamas wasting his tuition money.

3. Turn It On

When you are dead set on a location, just tap the OFF button found on the lower-left side of the app so you can start the process. When it’s done, the button will change to ON.

4. Let It Run in the Background

Now you can exit the app knowing that your location is masked. LocationFaker will continue to run in the background, so be careful when you want to clear some RAM usage.

5. Use It for Various Apps

Going to Google Maps will display that you are located in Paris, let’s say, and not your real world position.

Tweeting with LocationFaker on actually works, and people will think that you have quit your job and went on a ski trip in the Alps.

It works with the 99 percent of apps available on the store that use just your location to determine if it allows you to access its content or not. Take MLB.TV, for instance, it won’t work if you’re in a blackout area because it uses more than your location to determine if it enables content for the user or not.

LocationFaker works like a charm with Facebook’s Messenger app, and with every downloadable Camera app.

LocationFaker even lets you make a list of favorite places you want to be transported to, so you can easily tap them and fake your way out of a nasty birthday party with your ex-fiancée.

How to Change Your iPhone Location: Summing Up

To be frank, nobody fakes his, or hers, location all the time. But if you want to know how to change your iPhone location to trick someone into thinking that you’ve changed your residence to Detroit of all the places, then LocationFaker is more than capable of working 24/7.

Just remember to check once in a while if it’s still running in the background – it won’t close randomly, but you might unknowingly close it to clear up some RAM for gaming or whatnot.

Learning how to change your iPhone location has never been easier – granted, you jailbreak your smartphone first.

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