How to Make Emojis for iOS Devices

Here’s insight on how to make emojis yourself and send one-of-a-kind emoji to your friends and family. Emoji have an ever-growing popularity, and people all around the world use them to express themselves through these smileys. They have become a rather universal language in the online world, dare we say.


But you might have grown tired of sending the same old, boring emoji that billions of other people use every day. The solution? There are plenty of wonderful apps that have been specially developed to help individuals looking to spice things up in the chat box. You can have fun creating custom emoji that depicts either you, your acquaintances or even celebrities. Anyone you can think of can be turned into a funny looking emoji, and we will show you how to make emojis and create a unique ideogram.

How to Make Emojis Yourself

· Using Imojiapp

Download the app and open it. Tap the plus sign that will allow you to add a new “imoji”. Your camera will open up, and you can take a picture of yourself to use as the base to your emoji. Keep your face within the dotted oval for a good result.

If you want to use an older photo, tap “Photos” in the lower left corner and pick one. Move and resize the picture to have your face perfectly fitting the dotted oval, and then you can tap the arrow to move on.

Now, the Imoji app will cut the area outside the dotted oval, but users can also use their finger to trace an outline themselves. There is also a scissors button that will help you refine the edges.

Ultimately, you can choose to make your “imoji” public or keep it to yourself (and the people you share it with) by selecting to lock it.

To share the new emoji, you just need to tap it, and you will be given a list of options. Users can send it on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, or Twitter.

· Using Slack

Slack, the messaging app for teams, also lets users create custom emojis, and here is how to make emojis using this service.

Open Slack and click your team name. The “Team Menu” should open up and you can select “Customize Slack” to open your team site. You will see the “Emoji” tab, which you must click on. Choose a name for the new emoji and then click “Choose File” to select the picture you want to use. It is recommended that you upload a small, square image. The pictures also need to be JPG, GIF, or PNG, and no more than 128 pixels in height and width. There’s also a maximum 64Kb upload limit.

That’s it. Just click to “Save New Emoji” and you will get a confirmation message.

· Using Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a free app which allows users to create a personalized avatar. The software has many customization options, like changing the hair, facial hair and eye color, selecting different types of eyebrows, and even choosing clothes that fit your personality.

The app also features expressions such as happiness, optimism, dread, and many others. There are also in-app purchases through the Bitshop you can make to add more features to your emoji.

You must run iOS 8 or later to be able to create and sent custom emojis through the Bitmoji keyboard on your iPhone or iPad.


· Using Emoji Me Face Maker

Emoji Me Face Maker is a free app that lets you create custom emoji faces that will look like you or anyone you want. Every emoji you make is animated, featuring plenty of different expressions, such as happiness, sadness, or angriness.

Your new personalized emoji can be sent from the app to iMessage, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or you can send it as a MMS.

· Using Emoji Crack

Emoji Crack lets users create their own unique emoji thanks to the hundreds of emoji bodies, eyes, mouths, and many props they can take advantage of. This allows room for millions of designs, so you can be sure there are little chances anyone else will send you an emoji looking exactly like yours.

Your custom emoji is saved as a transparent PNG that you can then send in text messages, or on various social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Emoji Crack’s developers brag about how addictively fun the app is. You might end up spending hours creating and sharing your “masterpieces” in chat apps. Download the app and start adding features to your personalized emoji.


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