iHome IBN10 Speaker Review

Through the new iHome IBN10 Speaker, Apple tried to mix together a radio clock with a smart device and they have succeeded.

Although its main purpose is to be a speaker, having not one or two but four actual speakers integrated into it, there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to this cool device. First of all, the design of the IBN10 is really pleasant, as it does not resemble a simple box anymore. The corners have been slightly rounded and the whole speaker looks like something elegant that can be showed off in both your bedroom and living room. It measures 9×4.25×3.9 inches so you don’t have to worry for the size of it, it will fit pretty much anywhere.


Buttons and Features

In order to control the iHome IBN10 Speaker you have a rotary dial along with six other buttons that you can use. All of the buttons are set on the top of the speaker and in order to control the volume of the tiny speaker, you simply need to rotate the rotary dial. The ‘ON’ button is set right in the middle of the dial and it is also used for turning on the Bluetooth connection.

At the back of the IBN10 you can find the button for clock adjustment, a switch for daylight saving time, an auxiliary in input jack, an USB port and the jack used for power supply. The USB port is particularly special as it allows you to charge your smartphone or other devices through it.


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The speaker has a built in radio with different FM tunings from which you can choose your favorite frequency and a couple of presets such as AUX – auxiliary for connecting different media devices through the aux-in jack and BT – Bluetooth for connecting your phone or tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth. By connecting your phone through Bluetooth to the IBN10 you are not only able to listen to the music you love in pretty much no time, but you are also able to receive phone calls.

One of the most fascinating things about the speaker is the fact that it is actually capable of delivering a fairly decent sound quality. You wouldn’t expect music blaring from a device of this size, especially when it has so many other features besides being a speaker. Connect your phone or simply put on the radio and enjoy a small to medium sized room getting filled with the sound you love. The Bluetooth connection is very useful and it has a decent range of up to 30 feet.

However, the placement of the four speakers makes the device a bit unbalanced. Three of the speakers are situated on the left side of the clock while only one of them is situated on the right, which makes the music sound a bit off depending on where the device itself is placed. But don’t worry, if you don’t have huge expectation from the IBN10 speaker, you will have no problem with the placement of the speakers.


Image credits: adl

Also, since the device has many other features besides the usual radio and alarm clock, it can be considered uncomfortable by some people who only want a radio clock on the side of their beds. Given the power of the tiny speakers and the fact that IBN10 is not just a simple clock with built-in radio anymore, you might not love it during mornings, especially if you are not a morning person in general.

In conclusion, after taking into consideration everything from the design, the power of the speakers and the actual clock function, the iHome IBN10 speaker is definitely something worth checking out, especially if you are looking for an all in one device. The speakers work amazing if you think of the actual price of the product and the fact that you can have a clock and a radio along your usual speaker makes the iHome IBN10 the perfect choice.

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