More iPhone 6 and iWatch Launch News: Brace Yourself, October Is Coming

It seems that the coming fall and winter will be very busy for Apple, as the company has allegedly scheduled the iPhone 6 and iWatch launch events – though they appear in no rush to confirm the rumors that have sent the online world ablaze. The flagship phone will most likely be released on Tuesday, October 14, marking the beginning of a hectic month for Apple. In fact, the busy times will start as early as Tuesday, September 16, when Apple will possibly hold a press event, one month ahead of the official iPhone launch. The date of the launch itself has not been confirmed as of yet, but reports cite a senior Store Leader, who, during an internal Apple Retail Store meeting, announced that October 14 will be an “immense” day for Apple.

Apple might push back release and press event dates to October

Here’s the rumor mill roundup on the iPhone 6 and iWatch launch at the moment. At first, most reports were dead-set on the launch of the new model smartphone from Apple in September, following an official announcement that same month. Then, only last week, the mill started turning in a whole new direction: the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 will be announced in mid-September, apparently. Since September 16 is a Tuesday, this choice of date would also make sense, given the fact that Apple typically makes product announcements on Tuesday. At the same time, it’s not the norm for the company to launch new iPhones on Tuesday; over the past few years, the relegated date for such releases was selected to fall on Friday. The touted explanation makes some sense – apparently Apple has been pouring considerable effort into the production of the new phone, in order to meet high consumer demand. As such, it would make sense for them to start selling the device earlier on during the week.

Then, in October, the company is allegedly planning a showcase of several other products, including the iWatch, OS X Yosemite, its new iPad versions, and the 2014 model Macs. As of the time this article was written, it was unclear whether Apple would be releasing both model iPhones in October – while the 4.7 inch iPhone will likely see a 2014 release, the production of the 5.5 inch model is seeing some issues. Many have speculated that the 5.5 inch iPhone could be released later this year, or in 2015, thus allowing Apple to spend some more time producing the devices. Aside from an upgrade in terms of screen real estate, Apple is also expected to improve the phone in terms of design (a thinner profile), processor prowess (a speedier, more efficient A8) and a better camera.

Much of the same is expected of the iWatch, says Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities. Kuo has recently suggested that Apple is likely to release the watch in a limited edition this year. He says only some three million such devices will be hitting stores by the end of 2014 – in spite of market predictions indicating a 5 to 10 million amount. The reason for this is that production of the iWatch started too late for such massive amounts to hit stores in a timely manner.

The iPhone 6 and iWatch launch could help meet Apple financial predictions

Many rumor and news sites that focus on Apple and its products have confirmed the theory according to which Apple will release the new iPhone in September. That’s because the current financial quarter ends on September 27 – and if Apple doesn’t release a new device until then, to boost its sales significantly, it’s unlikely that it will meet its own sales projection for the current quarter.

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