IPhone 7 Concept – All the Rumored Features

The iPhone 7 concept has fueled a host of speculations. We are all looking for the next best thing, the rumors are flowing at a rapid pace, and the bloggers concerned with gadgets have already laid out several designs for how the latest iPhone might look and work. The only certainty that is upon us is the release date, and even the date is not all that clear, with fall 2016 seeming a bit vague. For highlights of the speculation, however, read below.

IPhone 7 Concept – the Best of the Hearsay

Revolutionary Camera

We could have redesigned high-performance front and back cameras that are both capable of producing 12MP images, featuring reworked lens systems. Furthermore, the lens will be encircled by a ring-shaped, firm, waterproof flash. The idea is courtesy of Zoltan Major.

Reworked Home Button

Personally, I believe that some visionaries have a little too much imagination, nevertheless, as this speculation suggests that the home button will be re-designed as to incorporate a fingerprint scanner. In addition, the user will be able to personalize the look of the home button in order to take the shape of any circular photo you might upload. The exact opposite has been claimed by other mouthpieces of hearsay, as there are suggestions that the home button will be dropped altogether. Check out more iOS technological contemplation here, at the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel.


The same source foreshadows a shift to 4K display technology, and many reviewers have stressed the improbability of such a radical step, yet some bombs are bound to fall from the sky from Apple this autumn.


Performance-wise, Apple should deliver something special in order to keep at bay its nearest competitors: Samsung, and LG. The most hotly-anticipated feature surely is the operating system, which will probably suffer a version upgrade, an announcement regarding the fate of iOS 10 is expected in the near future. In the same vein, a new processor, probably called A10 Chip will equip the new iPhone 7, yet the actual practicality of it is another matter.


It is well known that the best rumors are those that generate controversy, so one of the most discussed aspects is the supposed removal of the headphone socket. With this move, the developers at Apple should be able to significantly reduce the thickness of the new smartphone, however, that also means that users would have to invest a pretty penny in wireless headphones.

A Curved Display?

While that is unlikely to happen, LG and Samsung have hit the technological jackpot (even though it has not translated into boosted sales yet) with bent displays. Some “problems” that are now firmly in the past make a shift to a curved screen implausible, yet stranger things have happened.

Body Changes

Are among the most talked about, and this concept from the designer Arthur Reis previews a smartphone that touches all the colors in the spectrum, set against a solid body made of stainless steel. Supposedly, the iPhone 7 will be protected by a seal that is watertight, with an impenetrable sapphire screen.

Liquid Metal

As if we weren’t already tired of the magical properties of Valyrian steel, some people envision liquid metal as the key ingredient in the upcoming iPhone’s system of cooling. This might also mean that the new device will be 100 percent waterproof.

Storage and Price

Personally, I do not know how this whole direct relationship between storage space and costs was first established, yet this has always been the way with Apple’s devices. The rumors envision that anything goes – from 16 GB up to a whopping 256 GB – with the prices modifying accordingly. That being said, a 16 GB iPhone 7 could, in practice, take the place of the iPhone 6S – with the 16 GB version going for $649 while a 64 GB one will be $749. If this is true, then that effectively translates into a significant drop in real value costs.

Enabling Virtual Reality

The ubiquitous saying that “VR is already here” is beginning to be slightly nagging. Nevertheless, these guys are envisioning a VR kit that is supported by the aforementioned rumor of the dual camera revolutionary design, which means that for a fistful of dollars a VR kit could be tailor made for the iPhone 7. Talk about a wild iPhone 7 concept!

Anyone who states that they don’t enjoy a little study in rumor-ology every once in a while is likely a hypocrite. The iPhone 7 concept has elicited both the imagination of designers and the dividing opinions of users who enjoy an occasional debate of hearsay, and this has been our take on the most relevant speculation.

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