Is MacKeeper Safe?

If you browsed through various reviews about the MacKeeper software program, including our own MacKeeper review, you will see that the software is generally very poorly reviewed. The internet is full of discussion forums and review sites that basically say that MacKeeper is not safe at all. If you are in need of a system utility software that can safely, efficiently free up hard disk space, increase Internet access times and also reduce boot up times, we would highly recommend Clean My Mac 2, a software program released by MacPaw. Clean My Mac 2 is safely approved and recommended by Tucows, MacWorld and many other active Mac communities, including ours. You can read our Clean My Mac 2 review here.

Take a look at Apple’s own discussion forums for example. There are so many threads that talk about MacKeeper is a program that users must avoid on their Macs. The interesting part about MacKeeper discussion threads at Apple discussion boards is that all the people who are talking positively about MacKeeper are people who have created an account just to post about MacKeeper. Talk about suspicious activity and that is exactly what you sense when you see someone say that MacKeeper is good or great. We suspect that it is people hired by or affiliated by MacKeeper who make such comments, to make the product sound good.

If you look at the posts of people who criticize and warn others about MacKeeper, you will see that they have 1,000’s of prior posts, indicating true, unbiased opinions.

What we mean is, what would you rather believe – A short “MacKeeper is great. I use it always” by someone who has made just 1 post at Apple Discussion or someone who writes a whole paragraph about how MacKeeper is unnecessary and even unsafe, while making his 5,000th post at Apple Discussions?

Why do people even worry if MacKeeper is safe?

Many people, maybe like yourself, are worried about MacKeeper simply because it has so much negative publicity on the Internet. There are many that have said that they have no idea how MacKeeper installed itself on their Mac. That is a huge red flag. Unless a program is a piece of malicious software, it should never install itself onto a Mac, without the user’s permission.

Another red flag when it comes to MacKeeper is that the program is incredibly hard to uninstall. There are discussion threads that are started everyday, with people asking how to get rid of MacKeeper from their Mac, simply because they can’t get rid of the software on their own, with their average Mac skills. There are even websites that have laid out step-by-step instructions on how MacKeeper should be uninstalled, simply because it is much harder than it should be.

As a conclusion, to answer the question “Is MacKeeper safe”, we would definitely say “No, it isn’t safe”. We would highly recommend that you choose Clean My Mac 2, MacPaw’s latest and well reviewed system utility software, reviewed at this link here.

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