iWatch Rumor Roundup – Soon Arriving

We’re all probably just as excited about the hot new thing which we can’t wait Apple to release already: the long fantasized about iWatch, Apple’s smart watch project. If we think about it, the projects and gadgets that got people the most excited upon arrival were precisely the ones that bridged between different worlds, hybrid technologies that reunited the best of two different categories and so on. This couldn’t be truer than in the case of the iWatch – not quite your average wrist watch, but imbued with smartphone technology, and not exactly a smartphone, because it comes in the charmingly vintage format of a wrist watch. But the best parts about it weren’t even mentioned yet. To get a clearer look at the new gadget which is about to be released, we’ve comprised the most up to date rumors and official released data to put together a list of what the world knows so far about the iWatch.

We can’t really show you how the project looks, literally, because no one has no idea about it. All the photos you can currently find on the internet on the topic are either fakes or jokes or old(er) products of the company. But that’s ok, it just adds to the anticipation, right? Apple has been working on the crossbreed smartwatch for a while now and the rumors seem to agree that the scheduled date for the official release is fall 2014 (which is incredibly soon). Apparently they’ve been right on track with it and have entered the iWatch production stage since the second quarter (as early as April).

But to get more to the point, the thing that will make this watch unique and “smart” is the fact that it will be connectable to the iPhone and its accessories and they will be able to interact and function together in all sorts of delectable ways; and another feature of the iWatch will be its several biometric sensors which will make it able to monitor your health stats. Basically, the watch will be able to calculate your daily steps, calories burned, hours of sleep, quality of heart rhythm and similar things, all while also calculating guidelines meant to help you adjust your routine to a more healthy one.

But the advantages of such a watch don’t stop at this whole health monitoring thing – well, assuming that the sensors are as accurate as they’re advertised to be. Imagine that you’ll be able to see or feel all of the notifications from social media, as well as basic function icons and symbols, directly on your watch instead of checking your phone every five minutes. Now you see why everyone is talking about this watch, right?

The Most Exciting Rumors about iWatch

Well, the most exciting unofficial news we have is, of course, the obvious, which is the imminent release of the watch. The fact that it’s rumored to happen in just a few months from now is of course the cherry on top of all the rumors. But beyond the obviously jolly news, there have been some interesting technical facts rumored as well about the project. One of these is that the display will come in two sizes, meant to accommodate different wrists: the 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches. But the sizing won’t be the amazing thing about the display; the amazing thing will be its flexibility: the watch is said to have a flexible AMOLED display which will be supplied by LG.

Apple is apparently already designing the iPhone 8 with this device in mind, and the two will be heavily reliant on each other, especially for their health monitoring functions, but also other functions like mp3 rendition. That will probably mean a farewell to the popularity of mp3 players, but the iWatch will surely be worth it. Other details normally expected of a quality high-tech watch will also come without being said, of course, like being water or shock resistant and so on. If the new product will also need as little maintenance and care as the Macs, then everyone can really rest assured about its quality.

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