Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech G700 has quite a lot of buttons that you can customize and its SetPoint software is flexible. Its wireless receiver is petite and it can be connected to multiple devices. The Logitech G700 has a dented scroll and free spin wheel.

Yet, the Logitech G700 software is seriously outdated – old design and bad layout. The mouse’s lower thumb buttons are badly placed and the whole thing feels really lightweight during gaming sessions – at times it feels like you are controlling a floating cloud.

The bottom line is that the Logitech G700 mouse is worth a buy but deeming it worthy of hardcore gaming is a mistake you should not make. It’s pretty great for everyday use, but if you want pinpoint precision then this isn’t the mouse for you. Read the whole review down below.

Logitech G700 Review

The Logitech G series for gaming is considered one of the best mice a gamer can buy. That is, if you’re living in 2011. Logitech was there for the inception of PC gaming, along with the Microsoft-branded IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0.

In a time where Razer was just starting to make its voice heard and SteelSeries wasn’t even founded, Logitech was considered the industry standard. Well, not anymore. But this doesn’t mean that the G700 Logitech won’t suffice. It’s a pretty great mouse but there are others, in the same price range, more worthy than it.

The Grip

The first thing that pops to mind when thinking of the Logitech gaming mouse G700 is how it can be gripped. Also, it’s old-looking SetPoint software resembles a time when mouse mats were considered cool.

The SetPoint software needs a complete makeover if the Swish manufacturer wants to compete with the likes of Razer Mamba or Microsoft SideWinder X8.


When the Logitech G700 is put into action you can immediately notice a plethora of buttons. All of them are highly customizable via the SetPoint software. Right under the scroll wheel, you’ll find a button that switches it from free spin to detented mode. There are also eight buttons on top of the G700.

Talking default button assignment, the one found under the scroll switcher can change profiles. On the top left, you’ll notice two buttons that decreases or increases the DPI. The one exactly under it will display the battery’s level using the built-in three LEDs located on the G700’s left side.

The same lights used to indicate when and if you’ve changed a profile are also used to showcase what DPI setting you’re currently using. The thing is, they aren’t always properly displayed and this makes it a tad confusing.

The four thumb buttons can be easily pressed and don’t require much force. However, the ones found on the bottom require a hard press – they are also kinda hard to find if you aren’t that used to the G700.

Turn the mouse over and you’ll be looking straight at the battery compartment. As usual, this stores the battery and the Unifying Receiver which you can plug into the USB port.

The Design

Design-wise, it looks boring. It doesn’t affect gaming sessions, how could it? But it’s worth noting if you want a mouse that looks the part and fits your desk’s color scheme.

While Logitech offers a lot of customization options, you can’t reassign the left mouse button.

X/Y sensitivity settings are somewhat of a key feature. However, be careful how you play with it because your mouse may very well turn out to feel like a retarded feather. Angle snapping is done right and DPI settings on the X/Y axes is also easily changed. You even have the possibility of adjusting polling rates up to 1000Hz.

Other Features: Logitech G700 Software

The Logitech wireless gaming mouse G700 has a profile management option and a macro editor. The latter is a great addition for the World of Warcraft fans, amongst others. Unfortunately, with the Logitech G700 software you can’t edit the order of changes nor manually add events. This is a little bit strange because if you want to add anything to a macro you need to go through a few unnecessary steps – you need to record the event first then select the desired entry to make it work.

It works pretty okay under stress and sessions of Counter-Strike Global Offensive are enjoyable. However, don’t expect it to do well when put up against competition level gear.

If you’re using it for the random game from time to time, browsing and the works, then Logitech mouse G700 will satisfy your needs.

Logitech G700 drivers can be downloaded from official Logitech support page.

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