What We Loved Most about the Apple iPhone 5s

On June 29, 2007, Apple launched the original Apple iPhone, one of the first smartphones of the world and at that time, the best smartphone in the world. Apple has come a long way since then and has released 10 smartphones following the original iPhone. Among the most popular iPhones are the Apple iPhone 4s and the Apple iPhone 5s. Sure, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are pretty amazing, but our favorite still remains the Apple iPhone 5s. Here’s what we loved the most about the 2013 iPhone 5s.

Its Size

The iPhone 5 was the first to get the updated and taller glass screen (we know it’s not really glass, but a state-of-the-art chemically improved glass). The size of the iPhone 5 and 5s is just right, big enough to even watch TV on your smartphone and small enough to be handled with just one hand. It’s the perfect size for a smartphone, we believe.

Its Accessories

The charger is smaller, the lighting cable is awesome and the headphones for the iPhone 5s are pretty great! We also love the wallpapers and funky ringtones. Out of all the iPhones, the Apple iPhone 5s has the largest amount of cases available online and in stores. It’s impossible not to find something you love! What’s your favorite wallpaper and case?

Apple’s Support

We absolutely love Apple’s service and support! They don’t repair your phone, they replace it altogether. Cracked screen? Here’s a new iPhone! Faulty battery? Here you are, kind sir! The warranty is solid and there’s no way you get stuck on details: if your phone is not working and it’s not your fault, they’ll change it. They’ll even help you out during the time it takes to receive the new phone, by giving you a replacement phone. Just make sure you don’t forget your iCloud ID or password, because if you do, then Apple’s not going to be able to help you out and you’ll remain locked out of your phone for good.

Its Ease of Use and Its Design

The iPhone’s operating system is extremely easy to use. Any iPhone user will tell you that the iPhone’s iOS in general is intuitive and after only a couple of hours, anyone can learn how to operate it.

The iPhone 5s is a beautiful phone. Its design is absolutely stunning and it looks much better that the new iPhone 6, in our opinion. Even the logo looks cooler on the aluminum back.


iTunes and iPhone 5s are a match made in tech heaven. Update your operating system, listen to music, rent or buy movies, it will do pretty much everything you want. The best part? You can download it for free and it doesn’t need a thick manual to learn how to use it.

Its Apps

The App Store is a wonderful place, where you can get your beloved apps, trade reviews and find new apps to love. One of the things we love the most about the iPhone 5s is that almost all apps in the Store are optimized for this particular model, the Apple iPhone 5s. If you have older models, the Apple iPhone 3Gs and Apple iPhone 3 (3G) in particular, you should be changing your phone, because a lot of apps won’t work on them.

Its Availability

iPhones are everywhere! You can buy new or refurbished through buyback, from the store, Verizon, Amazon, on a contract or unlocked. If you’re buying your iPhone 5s from a friend and you need to unlock it, take into account that it will cost you at least $100 to do it. The price for an iPhone 5s varies immensely, you can get it almost for free with a 2-year contract and it will cost you next to nothing. Wait for a sale with an online retailer, if you prefer to be an online customer, because prices will always decrease as the launch of a new iPhone approaches. Buy some insurance for you iPhone if you think you’ll need it! Some people do, others don’t.

Its Cousin the Apple iPhone 5c

Yes, one of the things we most about the iPhone 5s is the iPhone 5c! They came together and they are cousins. The iPhone 5c is the fun version of the iPhone 5c with all those colors and its friendly design. Sometime the 5s can resemble a little jewel that you need to take care of, but with the iPhone 5c, that does not happen. It’s just an intelligent phone in fun clothes! You can still get the 8GB version with a contract, but if you want the 16GB or more version, get the iPhone 5s.

Apple has just launched the new iPhone 6 and people are already wondering when the next iPhone is coming out. Will it be just an improved version of the 6 or something completely different? The news and rumors are just starting and we will keep you posted! Check back in with us soon!

How about you? What makes you say I love my iPhone 5s? Can you live without your iPhone? Will the release of a new iPhone make you want to upgrade?

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