Lync for Mac, an Imperative of Corporate Communication

Microsoft Lync for Mac is a client aimed predominantly at corporate Mac users that mean to engage in instant messaging and voice communication, alongside video conferencing. The software operates through Microsoft’s Skype for Business Server (the old Microsoft Lync Server). It comes in the form of a computer program, mobile application and also as a web app that can be run in the browser.

Lync for Mac made its debut in 2011 and has followed a steady policy of “separated in unity” with the other similar applications for PC. With numerous and regular updates, it has become part of the everyday routine of professional life due to its friendly interface, responsiveness and the trait of cramping a lot of information in a tiny virtual space.

Lync for Mac Download and History

The application was first made available for download, as mentioned, about five years ago and has been included in various Microsoft Office packages ever since. Users may install it from the website, or at (link), among many other ones. It has been heavily marketed for the Office 365 campaign.

The program has suffered major refurbishments in 2013, 2015 and 2016, in order to keep up with the corresponding tech advances, especially regarding video technology developments. The latest stable release was operated on the 2nd of March 2016.

The mobile version, formerly known as Lync 2013 for iOS, at the present designated as Skype for Business, available literally “just several touches away” on iTunes.

Features and Functionality

The central idea behind the application is the constant improvement of interaction within the workplace, although people were never reticent at the idea of using it for personal purposes. One instance of a fun fact is that it has interchangeable interfaces.

That being said, Lync for Mac is meant to facilitate:

  • Presence and Instant Messaging (IM) – the principal window associated with your account contains tools that deliver instant and easy to read information on a contact’s status, your own status, activity icons (for e-mail, conferencing, and external tools), a search field strategically placed by a drop-down options menu. The instantaneous character of the informational exchange is enhanced by playful means of exchanging media with mates on different platforms.

– example of the contact list

  • Conferencing – the heart and soul of corporate communication, it is available in audio, video or integrated experience. Since 2013, the program supports high definition video quality in 1080p, using standard codecs. The user may incorporate it in the Outlook menu, in order to schedule conferences that can be accessed by means of distributing invitations. These online symposiums come with the option of being public or closed. In addition, control of the conference may be secured or renounced at any time between the participants. Its availability across a wide variety of platforms apply with the voice and video calls, as is the case with the instant messaging.
  • Other Useful Instruments that come in handy in day-to-day office interactions include, though are not limited to: desktop sharing (for real-time updates on the status of one’s work); Whiteboard collaborations (for enhancing the expressiveness of notes or reports); the option of previewing video; skill searching – a clever little thing that allows you to search for a colleague with a specific skill, by the virtue of advanced search options.

– example of image quality

More Helpful Information

Lync for Mac’s value and versatility achieves its maximum potential when used in sync with other Microsoft Office applications and features. An adequate path that you might have at your disposal is a subscription to Office 365. This will eliminate the need to permanently surf the web analyzing the different updates. You may choose between the plans of $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

Office for Mac 2016 has been made available in September 2015, and if you don’t fancy the option of a subscription, it is may be accessed as a one-time download, for $150. It is self-evident that the choices are for every type of business.

All in all Microsoft Lync for Mac is a tool that clearly targets large businesses, yet the nature of the actual economic reality could make it valuable for smaller enterprises. The ubiquitous presence of Wi-Fi and its integration into other Microsoft Office applications make the purchase of the whole structure worth it. Sophisticated methods of interaction coupled with instantaneous feedback should be enough arguments for at least placing this tool squarely in the realm of possible use.

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