5 MacBook Air Care Tips

Portable devices from Apple are powerful, sleek, and can turn out to be one of the best investments in tech and gadgets you’ve made in your life. Of course, there are many differences in configuration between MacBooks, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, and the kind of device you opt for is a matter of personal needs and choice entirely. However, today’s post focuses specifically on MacBook Air Care Tips, because we know that owners of these laptops often wonder what they can do to enhance their usage experience and get the most out of their device. We address issues that have to do with battery life and charger efficiency, so, if you own a MacBook Air, you definitely need to read on, for a better laptop that will last you longer.

Do you know how many sleep modes your sleek, lightweight MacBook Air comes with? If you’re not technically inclined by nature, we’re willing to assume that you don’t. Most Apple laptop owners presume it makes no difference how they put their devices to sleep. However, not all sleep modes preserve battery life in the same way. There are, indeed three different sleep modes for MacBook Airs and each of them comes with perks and downsides, so if you want to make the most out of your laptop, you should read up on them.

2. Changing Sleep Modes is one of the essential MacBook Air care tips

All right, so now you know there are three distinct sleep modes for your MacBook Air, but you need to know which one your device uses, if MacBook Air care tips are really relevant for you. You can do just that by using the laptop’s Terminal. We recommend using “Safe Sleep”, which is probably the most balanced of all options. However, if you tend to leave your laptop in Sleep Mode for long periods of time, other options might be better suited for battery conservation purposes.

3. Save energy

Not only can you save energy, but you can also significantly improve the battery life span of your MacBook Air via the Energy Saver Preference Pane. It’s easy to use and lets you customize when your MacBook Air is put to sleep, when the hard drives stop spinning, when the display screen is powered off – plus a whole lot of other useful options for MacBook Air care tips. You can even schedule power on and power off times for your device.

4. Fine tune battery usage

Like all portable Mac Apple laptops, MacBook Airs come with batteries powered by processors. These internal processors manage the performance of the batteries and tell you how much time they have left before they’re fully charged. The best way to use these internal battery processors, in order to optimize battery life spans, is by employing battery calibration. Make sure to calibrate the battery on your MacBook Air right after you’ve purchased the laptop, each time you buy a new battery, as well as every once in a while, in order to ensure that the calibration is still accurate.

5. Reset the SMC

We’ve previously written about the importance of periodically resetting a Mac’s System Management Controller here at Lure of Mac, but we’re going to stress it once more, for the sake of the battery on your MacBook Air. This is especially the case if your laptop has been displaying sleep issues. It’s not that difficult to reset the System Management Controller – and you should always follow up this process with a battery recalibration. This way, your battery will have a far longer life, with these two simple MacBook Air care tips combined.

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