4 Most Innovative Apple Products

Over the years, Apple has launched some of the most innovative and best-selling devices ever. The company also revolutionized the way we look at computers, phones and music. Apple was born in 1976, April 1st and since then has evolved from computers to releasing different devices that have been received with a lot of praise and love every year.

Apple was built with gorgeous and user friendly products in mind. Over the years, Apple grew from a company that targeted only technophiles and geeks to a brand that is compatible with everyone. Here is our opinion of the most innovative Apple products ever created.

1. The iPod

Image source: kinja-img.com

Apple launched the original iPod in 2001 and was described as a device capable of holding “thousands of song right in the user’s pocket”.

Even though the MP3 player was available on the market long before Apple’s iPod, the sleek device was able to recreate a market and suddenly became something that everybody wanted and everybody needed.

The first iPod is best known for its click-wheel. The famous feature helped people search through their library of music very easily. The original models only had 5GB or 10GB of storage. Even though the first iPod connected via Firewire, Apple changed the connection to USB, eventually.

The original iPod was the cornerstone for other products in the same line such as the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Video and iPod Shuffle.

2. The iPhone

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Apple launched the iPhone on the AT&T mobile carrier in January 2007. The device quickly set a new standard in mobile phone functionality and design since its launch.

The first iPhone was quite expensive and was launched in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, at the Macworld 2007 event. The first iPhone models had only 4GB and 8GB of storage and were $499 and $599. The device saw so much attention from the mass media that it was called “Jesus phone”.

Apple sold 6.1 million iPhones when the device was available in the first five quarters. Eventually, Apple cut the price of the smartphone by $200 and Steve Jobs himself apologized to his customers.

The iPhone is responsible for how smartphones have evolved ever since and now brings more than 50 percent of the entire revenue of the tech company.

3. The Apple II

Image source: computerhistory.org

Apple II started everything for the company. It was released only 12 months after the original Apple I and the computer started the journey that would eventually take the company where it is this day.

The computer was primarily designed by Steve Wozniak and, for its time, it was the fastest selling computer. It was one of the first computers to have color graphics and it even came with two gaming paddles.

It generated revenue of $79 million for Apple back in 1979, selling 300,000 units that cost $1,298.

4. The Mac

Image source: cbsistatic.com

The Mac followed the success of the company’s previous computer, the Apple II. Even though the company pretty much failed with the Apple III, the Mac was a very successful computer.

The Mac was revealed by Steve Jobs in 1984 in a never before seen Super Bowl commercial. The computer was originally called the Apple Macintosh and it improved everything the Apple II ever did, and more. The Mac is best known for its beige color, the fact that it came with a monitor, mouse and keyboard and is remembered for the incredible GUI (graphical user interface).

It’s pretty safe to say that the Mac meant the revolution of modern computers as we know it. Not only did it mean the start of whole other series of computers in Apple’s line-up, like the iMac, it meant the cornerstone of modern designs and sleek operating systems.

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