New MacBook Pro Release Date Rumors

Although there are new MacBook Pro release date rumors, the long wait for the newest version of the friendly Mac is far from over. But rejoice (!), because now we’re here to tell you about it and satisfy your curiosity for (maybe) another month.

We will be answering questions about the differences between the old 2015 Macs and the new up-and-coming Macs. We will be talking about the specs of the older Macs and how they compare to what Apple intends to put in the 2016 versions. Important how this may be, it’s important to note that we don’t actually know concrete details about how the new MacBook will look, what its technical details will be, or how much it will cost. But we will give estimates based on rumors and on previous MacBook versions.

Right now, the new MacBook Pro seems like something very far away.

New MacBook Pro Release Date

Last year, the current version of the 13-inch MacBook was announced precisely on the 9th of March, at the Apple Watch event entitled “Spring Forward” (ironically). What were the changes brought to the last version? Well, basically, Apple simply updated whatever they thought was getting old. Like the processor, and the battery, and also the touchpad (which no longer was just a touch pad).

What do we get from this? Well, that we should probably expect a new MacBook right about March once again. And if not in March, at least in May. Why? Because that’s when Apple suddenly updated its website to feature 2 new 15-inch MacBooks which were not only upgraded in the more technical specs but also incorporated the new type of touchpad.

Sadly, however, last year’s new MacBook Pro 2015 versions weren’t seen with such high regard. And the reasons were simple: the upgrades over the previous versions could’ve been bigger.

New MacBook Pro Specs

So… what will the new MacBook specs be? Will they finally update that processor? We forgot to mention: the old and outdated Intel processors (the Broadwell and the Haswell) are still in use in the current versions of the 13-inch Mac, and the 15-inch Mac. Although they’re super-strong quad-core processors with clocks ranging from 2.2 GHz to 2.5 GHz for the i7s on the 15-inch versions, and from 2.7 GHz to 2.9 GHz for the i5s on the 13-inch versions.

So, according to these specs, what can we assume about the new MacBook Pro that won’t be totally out of the question? Well, that there will be several versions of each MacBook. The 13-inch version will certainly feature several i5 CPUs with turbo-boost capabilities. The 15-inch MacBook will also feature i7 CPUs with turbo-boost. However, we’re hoping (and this time, it would be foolish if Apple didn’t come up with this) that the processors will also be changed.

With the Skylake processor, a Google search will be as fast as lightning!

Specifically, we’re looking at architecture: the Broadwell and especially the Haswell simply can’t cut it anymore. The Macs that run on these will still probably get a few good years, but will ultimately remain outdated. The new MacBook Pro will definitely feature Intel’s newest star: the Skylake. What’s so innovative about it? The fact that it features a wireless system which does away with all the cords tying the chip to the motherboard. Data transfer is secured wirelessly. So is the display (which, as you know, is integrated into Macs). And so is the charging. We don’t really understand how that works, but then again we’re simple writers far below the intelligence of Intel geniuses or Apple geniuses. But if there’s one big advantage to wireless integrated systems in CPUs, it’s the speed. With all the information traveling wirelessly, the clock of the unit can finally show its final form.

Speaking about the RAM, it’s worth noting that the current versions of the MacBook Pro all feature 8 GBs of RAM for the 13-inch versions and 16 GBs of RAM for the 15-inch versions. While that is more than enough for now, we do hope that they will be upgraded to at least 16 GBs for the smaller one, and 20 GBs for the 15-inch Mac. Although, now that we think about it, 32 GBs or RAM would be insanely good.


What is there to say more about the new MacBook Pro? When is the new MacBook Pro coming out? Sometime this year, probably in March or in May. What will its specs feature? A Skylake processor, more RAM, a Force Touch trackpad, and many other nice specs (let’s not forget the Retina display).

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