The Ultimate 5 Online Magazines for Mac Lovers

Mac lovers are still a force, almost in spite of all the fatalistic rumors that the company is going to take a dive in popularity, given its new directions in terms of product releases. Now, the downside of this afflux of news sources is that your regular Mac aficionados will often be left wondering whom to trust.

If you like to think of yourself as an Apple-freak, you had better check out these great online magazines for Mac. We’re convinced you’re going to find at least one that’s to your liking.

1. MacWorld

MacWorld belongs to the same family (and league, as it were, in terms of quality) with PCWorld and TechHive, two of the most comprehensive online mags for all things tech. Its clean, yet trendy design is immensely appealing, as is the intuitive way in which their links are organized.

It doesn’t really matter if your niche of interest in Macs is for business, leisure, iOS apps, or whatever else – you’ll find it all on Mac World. The magazine also famously publishes a yearly list of the best tech products released that year, to which its editors contribute with informative input.

2. MacTech

The aptly subtitled ‘journal of Apple technology’, MacTech is a great starting point for all those who want to keep up with the latest news on Apple releases. Not only is it up-to-speed with all the goings-on in the wonderful and often wacky world of Apple, but the site is also community-oriented and comes with a great, bustling forum. It also has a directory of sellers, an advertising section, and one on live events related to Apple and its products.

3. AppleInsider

AppleInsider has been a reliable source of Mac rumors and tech news since 1997. Here you’ll find countless reviews on both Apple products and recent releases from other famous brands. There’s also a ”Deals” section on their website where you can find offers on MacBooks, iPads, iMacs, and other Apple products. Users can also engage in conversations with other Mac lovers on the AppleInsider forum that has thousands of posts!

4. MacRumors

As the name suggests, MacRumors is your go-to website for the latest scoop on all-things-Mac. And if you know something they don’t, you can always leave them a tip so others can find out as well!

MacRumors has a whole section dedicated to the latest news on Mac, but you’ll also find plenty of articles on other Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, and more. And if you’re looking to purchase something but you’re just no sure of it yet, you’ll find many product summaries on Apple models on their buyer’s guide section.

5. MacDirectory

MacDirectory fittingly comes with a dedicated iPad and iPhone app for all those Mac lovers who enjoy browsing news on their favorite company on the go. The concept of the website was initially based on having a directory for all Apple product classifieds out there; in the meantime, however, the site and associated magazine have turned into a lifestyle portal for Apple fans.

The app and website also have a highly useful section for product support, which you may want to check out – it does a great job at keeping updates organized and easy to navigate. The editorial team is made up exclusively of people who live and breathe Mac-related stuff. But that’s easy to tell from the passion they pour into their writing. No list of online magazines for Mac lovers would be complete without this one.

Wrapping Up

There are many webzines dedicated to all things Apple, and it’s virtually impossible not to find the information you’re looking for or stay up to date with the latest news. These online magazines for Mac are some of best today, but if you’re still looking for something else, well… There’s always us to count on!

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