The Complete Guide On How To Install QuickBooks For Mac

quickbooks for Mac

In the early stages of planning a business, you can use rough-cut numbers scrawled on the back of an envelope to formulate your plans.When you start spending real money and making real sales, however, you must keep detailed financial records to know … [Continue reading]

Complete Guide On How To Delete Apple ID And Create A New One

How to delete apple id

Face it: You have more online accounts than you can really manage. This includes the ones you use all the time like Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon. Others used less often may be a travel app for a particular destination or a one-off purchase at a … [Continue reading]

How Does Visual Studio For Mac Work? Top IDE For Developers

Visual studio for mac

If you want to create games, mobile apps, or interactive websites, you might want to try Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac.This robust IDE software can help you manage your programming code and debug your application while developing it. And that is … [Continue reading]

Top 12 Best Note Taking Apps For Mac And iPhone: Great Technical Features

Best note taking app for mac

Looking for the best note taking app for Mac, iPhone, or iPad? Before the prevalence of tablets, laptops, and smart phones, most college students took notes using a pen or pencil and a notepad.If you can write fast, or even better yet, know … [Continue reading]

How To Delete Photos From iCloud Permanently: Is There Permanent Deletion?

How to delete photos from icloud

Do you want to how to delete photos from iCloud? Are you concerned that your photos will be stored on Apple’s iCloud servers forever? This article will cover these two topics: First, how to delete photos from iCloud, and second, the issue of … [Continue reading]

The Ultimate Guide On How To Update WhatsApp For Mac

Whatsapp for mac

​One of the most hyped desktop apps to arrive on Mac OS in recent years is WhatsApp. The popular communication app made a name for itself on mobile devices as people were drawn to its easy-to-use interface and wealth of features for chatting around … [Continue reading]

The 5 Best iPhone SE Cases For Protecting Your Device

Best iphone se cases

The iPhone SE is a very popular and unique device among Apple fans. Despite not featuring the latest and greatest technology, the iPhone SE appeals to a group of people who want a good smartphone in a smaller form factor. iPhone 6S Apple decided to … [Continue reading]

The Ultimate Guide On How To turn Off iPhone X When Frozen

How to turn off iphone x

Having a frozen iPhone X is not a very good feeling at all. The iPhone X is an exciting piece of technology but seeing it frozen can strike fear into the heart of anyone who relies on the device for communication, business, or entertainment.With the … [Continue reading]

The Best Calculator App for a Mac – Our Top 7 Picks

best calculator app with papers and pen

The native iPhone calculator app works well for most purposes. Compared to many other standard calculators, the ones that are native to the Mac OS X ecosystem are top-notch. The Calculator app that comes included in a Mac might be the best calculator … [Continue reading]