Step-By-Step Guide on How to Turn on AirDrop on Mac

pointing fingers on how to turn on airdrop on mac step

AirDrop is a means by which you can transfer just about anything from one Apple device to another. Using AirDrop, you can send photos, files, contacts, and more between your Macbook, iPhone, and iPad. But, how to turn on airdrop on mac?AirDrop … [Continue reading]

Is Avast for Mac Really Free?

avast mac free

Is Avast for Mac free? Well, yes and no. There is a free version. There is also a paid version. What’s the difference? Most digital products today come with a free doppelganger to show customers the value in the paid-for product. Bloggers offer a … [Continue reading]

Adobe Flash Player for Mac

Let’s first take a look at why you need an Adobe Flash Player for Mac

You’re surfing on the internet, trying to enjoy a video, or play an educational game with your child, or maybe even use a financial website you need for work and you hit the inevitable snag – “Flash Not Detected,” or “Please Enable Adobe Flash … [Continue reading]

5 Best Calendar Apps for Mac to Manage Your Schedule

best calendar app for mac that could help you turn a schedule into a nice manage one

Technology was supposed to make us work less, but it turns out we just do more work, more efficiently. What does this mean for the average person? A tightly packed work and a social calendar full of meetings, projects, dinners, birthdays, baby … [Continue reading]

The Fastest Way to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

instruction on how to transfer photos from iphone to mac

The photos and videos in your phone are in some ways more valuable than gold. One picture of a precious memory has been lost, it’s gone. There’s no recreating youth, no revisiting a child’s first steps, no traveling back to Rome or Paris or New York … [Continue reading]

What Was the First iPhone to Have Siri? The History of Siri

iPhone 4S, first iPhone to have Siri

When people think about Siri they also think about Apple. People often forget how young Siri is thanks to her close ties with Apple. Along with that it’s easy to forget just how revolutionary she was for people of the time. To better understand that … [Continue reading]

4 Cool Kate Spade iPad Mini Case Models

"kate spade ipad mini case kate spade mini ipad case ipad mini case kate spade kate spade ipad mini cases kate spade logo"

Kate Spade iPad Mini cases are the best! Trendy, chic, and incredibly sweet, these iPad Mini covers are the talk of Fashion County, the fancy of the fabulous, and the stars of the iPad cases, all while keeping reasonably priced. All models are under … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Apps from iPhone – The Easy Way Out

close up of a person holding an iPhone next to a coffee cup

Space comes at a premium on iPhones. Downloading apps, taking pictures, and recording videos can quickly eat up your storage and clutter your device. Before you know it, error messages will pop up about having no space every time you try to take a … [Continue reading]

How to Install and Use CCleaner for Mac: 11 Steps

screenshot of ccleaner on mac

CCleaner is a great program that you can install on your Mac and use to clean Web browsers, files you don’t need any longer, system applications, OSX features, and so on. Basically, it’s a tool that can help you keep your Mac clean and organized. … [Continue reading]

How to Clean Up Other Storage on Mac: 5 Easy Ways

storage partitions on Mac

In case you didn’t know it yet, your Mac has an Other storage category that normally shouldn’t concern you, but that you can choose to clean up if you need extra space on your computer. Basically, this category is made up of plug-ins, caches, and … [Continue reading]